Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll never complain again..

So we are here in the mountains of Colorado. Silverthorne to be exact. I have never seen anything like it in my life. Yes, in pictures, but never in person. It is so beautiful. The temperature has been as low as 1 degree and today was 30. So I will never complain about "cold" days in Birmingham ever again. I also know that I would not intentionally live in this climate. Big Jorge said, "I don't the Garcia's are made for this weather." Ha!

Don't know if you've heard about this, but I am already in prayer for our way back. We flew into that airport from Houston and fly out of Denver, on a different airline, on Friday. If we fly at all. We have to prepare for the worst traveling delays since we are headed home on the busiest travel day of the year! The day after Christmas. If we had a four hour delay on the way out here with little snow.. I can't imagine the delay on the way out with lots of snow.. and a wreck that happened that week.. we'll see.

So for now.. i must go.. but rest assured pictures will be coming soon.. the kids are loving the snow. Not the cold.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Packing and preparation..

The fam and I are leaving on a 6 a.m flight Thursday morning headed to Colorado. Our first white Christmas, ever! I am supposed to be packing.. but am not. I generally wait until the last minute. My birthday is also on thursday and what better way to spend it than in an airport with three precious kids three and under? Jealous?

My husband called me today and said he lined up a sitter and wanted to take me out for dinner. Hibachi here I come. So exciting. Keep in mind, I was supposed to get ahead on packing tonight. Rather eat. Hibachi. Yum.

Hope you guys have a great night!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What about your Filet Mignon??

 I've said it many times and was saying it today to a family member (who happens to be "leary" of marriage):  "you just haven't met your filet mignon yet." You've only been exposed to sirloins.  But once you meet your filet you will want to be with him forever! 

I've done this before, but its time for an update. I was inspired after reading this post by Amanda. I love my man, my filet mignon.  Here are some of my favorite reasons.  

1.  He chose me.  
2.  He is directionally challenged: He needs me. Im his Garmin. 
3.  He thinks the craziest things are funny: He makes me laugh.
4.  He's a nurse.  Which means he doesn't have a problem checking my problems.  
5.  He takes out the garbage.
6.  He kills all bugs. 
7.  He takes the kids on outings.  
8.  He laughs at me.  This is a good thing. 
9.  He tries to see how far we can "make it" going up the hill without pushing the gas pedal. See #3
10.  He never sings the correct words to ANY song. On purpose.  Even children's songs. 
11.  He appreciates me. 
12.  He plays the devil's advocate.  But I always know he agrees with me. 
13.  He takes care of my car.  Changes the oil, checks the tires, etc. 
14.  He studies Gods word. 
15.  He leads our family in prayer. 
16.  He always walks between me and the street.  With our kids too. 
17.  He always opens my door. 
18.  He loves his babies. 
19.  He is so HOT. 
20.  He truly is my best friend.  

Here are some of my precious moments that make me appreciate him all the more. 


So do a post about your filet! And put a link for it in my comments so I can check it out!

Bible Time Funnies...

The picture is what we did for Bible Time today.. it was taken with my cell phone so excuse the quality. You may or may not be able to see that we have placed a baby peanut (Moses) inside a cupcake holder (the basket) to show the boys that Moses was in a basket as he went down the river. We are learning about Miriam and how she wanted to protect her baby brother and watched as her mom put him in the river. Anyhoo, The boys each got a turn putting "the baby" in the "basket." Jorge took the baby (peanut) and set it gently in the basket. I took it out and handed it to Alex to take a turn. To which Alex put the "baby" right into his mouth!

Then I had to rescue Moses out of Alex's mouth. Of course everyone, including my niece and nephews, got a huge laugh out it!
Too cute. Hey, its not his fault I was pretending with food. How would that have altered history, eh? If Moses were swallowed?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Im just cool like dat!

Short post. We had Big Jorge's family over tonight. Between his two sisters they have five kids. Three of them were here for dinner with the whole family.

After dinner, as everyone was getting ready to go home one of the boys (Jeremy, 10) asked if he could spend the night with us. then Josh (13) and Nataly (8) asked if they could too.

Im just an old lady now (at least to them) but they have enough fun with us to want to be here. It just put a big smile on my face. So right now its 9:37 and they went to go get a movie with Big Jorge. Narnia's Prince Caspian, I think. Fun times.. I hope I can function in the morning. :-)

Im gonna be the cool aunt (tia, in spanish) and make them some popcorn. Or is that lame? Nah, its all good. Im just cool like dat.

peace out.

Okay that was lame.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh no you don't little girl!!

My little angel is attempting something that I vowed no other child of mine would do.. well not another one, that is. I haven't gotten an action shot of her doing it yet..but I bet you will be able to guess what it is she is attempting from the pictures below....

Just getting started.. same age as Eva trying it now....

No Way Jose! Or I should say, No Way EVA!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I should be napping....

I am very tired today.  We have spent all day inside and for whatever reason it wore the boys out and they have been asleep since 1:30.  It's now 4:07!  Eva has been a sleeper all day too.  I'm  not complaining just acknowledging that today would have been a great day for a nap..for me.  But I was busy folding and putting away three loads of laundry.  Only two more to go! 

I thought I would post some more random pics from my cell phone! 

Jorge reading at B & N.  So cute!

LOL.. the pic I thought was so cute and then mom (Darcy) said she looked like we taught her the one finger salute.  Yes, folks.. Darcy said that! 

Eva sitting in her bumbo.  Or as Jorgito calls it.. her "bimbo."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cell Phone Video of my Eva.

ONLY in America

I had to go to a local grocery store tonight to fill Big Jorge's prescription.  While I waited for it to be filled I walked over to the Deli side just to peruse the yummies.  I was there shortly before closing time and I noticed they had some rotisserie chickens left to sell.  I asked the man behind the counter what they do with the chickens they don't sell.  "Half are kept and half get thrown away depending on what time they were made" he said.  So I asked if they would be willing to sell them at a discount, the ones they were planning on throwing away that is.  He wasn't sure and suggested I ask the manager on duty. 

Well I got ten minutes to kill, I thought.  Why not ask?  Justin was his name.  Here's how it went down:

Me: Hi there Justin (looking at his name tag).  I talked to Mike and he said that they have to throw out half the rotisserie chickens at the end of the night.  So I was wondering if you'd be willing to sell the chicken at a discount since you are already planning on throwing it away. 
Justin: Well company policy doesn't allow us to do that. 
Me: You mean the company would rather lose money than sell it for even a small profit?
Justin: well we used to do that but then we would get people lined up waiting for the discounted chickens. So they don't do it anymore. 
Me: so let me get this right.  "Your store" would rather toss perfectly good food and lose the money than sell the perfectly good food to people who want to purchase it, than give a discount?
Justin: Basically. 
me:  Wow.  Only in America do we have people that throw out food because they don't want to give it at a discount.  Wow.  Okay. Thanks Justin, for your time.  

I go and pick up my script and as Im walking out the door of the store I notice a sign that says "Help XYZ store fight hunger, contribute today."  So this makes me stop and think.  Then it's back to Justin I go.  (hey I got no kids with me at this point, I got all the time in the world). 

Me: Hey Justin, not trying to be the annoying customer of the night, but I've noticed the big yellow "feeding the hungry" signs you got up around the store and I was thinking.  What would it take for your uppers (management) to put their money where their mouth is and consider using those tossed chickens by giving them to a food kitchen instead.  Heck, I'd even be willing to do the leg work myself if you told me who to contact.  I'd even find some kitchens for you guys to donate to, I mean since you don't want to sell the chickens and all.  
Justin:  Well, a few years ago we used to do that until we got sued because someone ate one of the free chickens, got sick and then took it to court.  Now we are only allowed to give bread, but not cooked food.  
Me: You mean to tell me that someone got food, for free.  Ate it. Got sick and then sued the company that tried to help them? 
Justin: Yep.
Me:  Wow.  Only in America.  Thanks again.  Have a great night. 

Only in America do you have companies that would otherwise give the food away, decide not to because of the litigious society we have and the people who are convinced they deserve millions.  Wow. Im baffled.  Its truly the one bad apple scenario and its sad.  

Monday, December 8, 2008

Investigate ALL laughter..

If any of you happen to ever babysit my boys you will need this bit of information: 

Investigate all laughter.  

You will think they are playfully enjoying each other's company in their rooms.  But once you decide.. "you know, that is some pretty ferocious laughter... what is so funny?"  You will head down the hall towards their room.  Only to notice the bathroom door is open.  And the ferocious laughter is coming from there.  And to your horror you will see the three year old, with his underwear around his ankles from having just peed in the toilet, splashing the water back and forth with his brother. The two year old, you will see, is not only splashing but then sticking his hand in his mouth.  

People, you can't make this stuff up.   Which is why you will always want to investigate all laughter.  

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some cute randomness

Here are some random pictures from random times all from cell phones. 

This one was from last night.  She was sacked out on her daddy's shoulder.  Look at the adorable dimples in her hand.. oh I could eat her. 

I was taking the boys to MDO when I hear Jorge say: "Look at us mommy."  they did this the whole way to school.  Too cute.  

Cute angel baby being held by her daddy at Chickfila.  This was from the night I will never do again. 

At Camp Maranatha.  This was enjoyable for about two seconds because there were no barriers on the pier.. you know what that spelled.. 


Little Monkey man.  These were his drums. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bible Time Funnies...

The boys and I do Bible time (devo's) in the morning after we get up.  98% of the time its before we do anything else (apart from pee-peeing on the potty, of course).  We started a new book that is like a Sunday School format.  Craft and a story.  Well we skip the craft this early in the morning and do the story.  

This morning we were learning about Genesis 22:14 and the Lord providing for Abraham and Isaac with a ram out of the thicket.  We had to revisit the fact that Abraham and Isaac went up the mountain to make their sacrifice.  

Me:  Boys do you remember why they went up the mountain?
Jorge:  yes yes ummm they went upa to da top to obey..up to da top in a helicopter.  

Well, that's a new take on the story I hadn't heard in my years at Southeastern.  But boy is it creative.. I love it!  I have a feeling we are going to have lots of these funnies to post!  

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I dare you to tell me she isn't the cutest thing!!!

these were taken by my little sister Rachel the day after Thanksgiving.. 

I was talking to her to get her to smile. 

Whatchu talkin' bout willis?

sitting with Nana.  

um.. not so sure about this one. 

She is my little doll baby!