Friday, October 12, 2012

We like to think we are WILD!

So my hubby signed us up for the Warrior Dash.  We ran it. It was muddy.  It was cold.  And it was completely AWESOME!

Here we are just starting out.. a mile in, is my guess.  We were still dry. 

We are no longer dry.  Just had to swim through that creek behind us, walk across the platform and jump back in and swim to the bank.  It was cold. 

Did I mention there was fire? It was awesome.  Although, I didn't realize there was a camera. 

My husband, on the other hand, performed nicely for the camera.  I love that man. And his amazing legs. 

And to finish we had to swim under barbwire through a pool of mud water.  Here we are about to cross the finish line.  3.1 miles of pure fun (and insanely steep muddy hills). 

I highly recommend finding a race near you.  I was very thankful that my sweet husband decided to race "with"me because he surely could have finished at least 5 minutes before the time we had.  But even with our slower race time (hello 10 obstacles), we finished in the top 21% out of 4800 racers for the day.  

Pure awesome!

Next up for me: my Half-marathon race in Pensecola on November 11th!  I am super excited!! 13.1 miles.. here I come!

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