Monday, September 10, 2007

Name game

Okay..thanks Karen for the tag... here is my name

D-don't like to iron.. i absoltely hate ironing. In fact my husband jokes that if he sees something in the closet that looks like it was ironed he thinks, with a chuckle, "I guess that's what I'll wear today!" this is a sad testimony

I- into blogging.. I am addicted. another sad thing. I love facebook as well. sad. sad.

A- a very opinionated person. After almost 30 years of living.. i am getting better about sharing those opinions. i know, i know.. unasked for advice is the same as criticism. It more or less.. please don't ask me what I think about something unless you truly want to know..

N- never try to scare me.. i don't know why.. but I can't handle it. I wig out. Not a pretty sight. I will try to post a video as evidence later. My husband seems to not realize this fact even after 5 years married.. yet knowing me for at least 8 years together.

E- entertain. I love to entertain.. well more like I like to have have people over and just hang out. love it.

i tag.. melissa, jaci, dafne, jenny b and sarah L.


Anonymous said...

Xavier does all of our that!

JenB said...

Is it just "middle name"??? IF so, here goes...
L=LOVE ME LIFE! My kids, my hubby, and my new job...especially the part where I get a PAYCHECK!
E=EXCITED! I actually have money! I forgot what the green stuff looked like! haha, now, maybe Christmas shopping this year will be a litle more fun...I'm praying for the Lord to keep everything in "working" order until then so I don't have to spend that money on repairing anything!~ start reading my new book. Challenging for me, as I have a hard time finding quiet moments in my life...but I'm hoping to start this one soon! It's called "Passion on Purpose"..stay tuned to my blog and I'll write about it if I actually get to it!

Leslie said...

LOL about the scaring thing. Me, too! Go figure. When people scare me, I hit them. It's just cause and effect. I can't help it . . . it just happens. Scare me, and you get hit. Period.