Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Surely I can do this!

Im not talking about the pregnancy or even the survival of three children under 3 years old. What I am talking about is, shamefully, actually finishing a bottle of prenatal vitamins before the end of my pregnancy. The bottle that I just bought has 200 pills (i started taking them last night) and based on the little ticker (that is not my friend unless it says i only have 2 days left) I have 250 days left until i deliver. So my goal is to actually have to buy another bottle before I deliver. I am terrible at taking pills. Especially if I am supposed to do it every day. Insulin shots in the belly three times a day, I got that. But not pills.

On another note, I am NOT BRAVE! I repeat, I am not BRAVE. that has been a common theme in emails i have been getting as to my current circumstance of pregnancy. I do NOT have much of choice. That is not bravery. Now what I am is terrible at a very trusty and reliable program in Natural Family Planning. i feel that I have given it a bad name. But I still stand by it. Just be more militant that I have been. Ha! Ya think!

On that note, I am excited to have another little one in our family. It seems to be the consesus that this little one is going to be a girl! I will be thrilled if that is so. .and thrilled if i get to be a mother of another boy. I know that sounds cliche'. But I will. Unfortunatley, if you dont already know.. we don't find out until D-day. (delivery). Which is why I was in such shock when Miguel came. I was convinced he was a girl. ha! But anyway, its going to be a long 8 months. Well I guess I will part ways with this computer. Thank you to all you gals who have given us well wishes. you make my day! Adios!


Kim said...

I hate taking prenatal vitamins. They just made me feel worse. Felix was the only baby I took them with, and even then it was the big bottle I got at Sam's and not the prescription kind I got from the OB.

I hope you stay well and vomit-free.

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

aww thanks girl. even if i get sick, as i always do, Zofran is my proven friend! so no worries!

Dollar General said...

I HATE taking vitamins too - I actually am doing the Flinstone thing. PV made me so sick so I hardly gave them a try but Jason is all about vitamins so I've been FORCED to do the Flinstone thing. "Today I got a RED - WHOOHOO" - I HATE IT!!

I'm so glad you explained what NFP is - I was embarrassed to ask!

I just changed my ticker before I checked your blog and we have the same one! Sorry, I hope you don't mind! HA!

Very excited for you!!

Abbey said...

Congratulations, Rachel! WHat a sweet gift!