Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Okay.. i get the hint.

Well.. a second publishing company has called me. The lady was very sweet and even prayed with me (Christian publisher obviously). Although I wasn't as impressed in her presentation or their website (ulitmately what they have to offer in way of marketing) but it was nice to get other questions answered. What these calls have shown me is twofold:

1. I need to hurry up and finish. I hope to be done by the end of the year with my book and I am trying very hard to block off the time.. but my husband is having to work extra days and that is making it more difficult. I know God will provide the time.

2. He is going to have to provide some serious money. its nice to be called by pub. companies.. but they are still "author owned." I have to pay to get my book printed. For a book my length its going to cost anywhere from $1500-$3000 for the whole thing. We don't have that money for ourselves much less for this book. but I am seriously CONFIDENT that the Lord is going to provide that money. But here is a practical question..and forgive me if I seem a bit ignorant.. i hope not to offend.. but since I consider this book a ministry is it tacky to ask, those that I know might be interested in helping, to partner with us financially? I mean.. kind of like a support letter? I mean, I feel that God will use this book in some way and therefore minister to young women, but is it something that we should only do if we (me and my husband) save up to pay for, or do we enlist the help of brothers and sisters in Christ who may be willing to help?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I talked to the publisher at WinePress again and she told me that it is very common to send a "support letter" for first time publications. Then I talked to mom and dad and they said that they would not be offended if they were to recieve on in the mail. I told them, "Good then.. watch for one in your mailbox!" lol.


Marsha said...

I talked to my friend who did her first book through WinePress. She took out a small business loan to do hers because she was dreaming big - she did like 10,000 the first printing and sold every one! I'm not a borrow money type of person so I would never suggest taking a loan out on speculation. I love this woman dearly, but we differ on that one! I love her book, though and thankful it worked out.
I don't see a problem with asking for gifts to get it up and running.

Anonymous said...

Maybe submit it to Zondervan, and if they publish it, THEY'LL pay for it. Here is the submission site: