Thursday, August 13, 2009

As of late

Been a while since I have uploaded pics.. so here ya go.. proof my kids still exist.  

Riding the carousel at the Galleria.. you know.. this is getting to be too expensive, btw.. 

We dog sat Princess.. Eva LOVED her and wouldn't leave her alone.. 

Finally got enough hair for a bow.. although, there is still more bow than hair.  

New ride.  Garage sale find.  Wonderful!! she loves it and has already figured out how to get in and out all by herself.  

Today we went to Herdmont park with friends.. Alex is my strong man and decided to give me a hand pulling his little sister and older brother.. hey anything to wear the testosterone out!! 

Jorge doing a little "fishin'"  

Radio Flyers work great for the creek.  the little holes on the bottom allow water to come up and into the floor and she gets to splash without getting drenched.. and she is content to just sit.. NICE.. 

We have been quite busy lately.. it's almost the middle of August and I wish I could say that we were already schooling.. but, ummm, not yet.. dear hubby is going to be working on our office to schoolroom transition this weekend.. so hopefully I can post some before and after pics.. and umm.. more importantly.. get my rear in gear.. (not that 4k is anything to shake a stick at)..very easy to do.. once you do it (so I hear.. LOL).. 



Jen W. said...

Oh my goodness, that little girl has gone and grown up since the last time we saw her. Has it really been that long?? Seriously, she looks so much older! Maybe it's the teeth. :) We should take a trip to the little creek together...Fritz would LOVE it!

Missi said...

what's herdmont park?

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

Herdmont is the park off of hwy 119 toward 280.. once you pass under Hwy 65 its about four miles up on your left. It is AWESOME.. at least we think so.. they have a playground and a little creek that the kids love to play in. Also walking trails (that you can ride your bike on too!).. i'll let you know when we are going the next time..

Jaci Spain said...

Cute pics. Love the one of Eva & Princess. I cannot believe she is about to turn 1!!!

Jeanna said...

It does NOT seem like it was a whole year ago that you were up at Brookwood and I took care of you! That's crazy! She's soo cute! :)