Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Please watch this.. you will be changed.

It's an hour long.

It's hard to watch at times (only because it takes you out of your own comfortable world)

It's inspiring.

(click here) video documentary

"A Doula Story documents one African American woman’s fierce commitment to empower pregnant teenagers with the skills and knowledge they need to become confident, nurturing mothers. Produced by The Kindling Group, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization, this powerful film follows Loretha Weisinger back to the same disadvantaged Chicago neighborhood where she once struggled as a teen mom. Loretha uses patience, compassion and humor to teach “her girls” about everything from the importance of breastfeeding and reading to their babies, to communicating effectively with health care professionals."


Ole Miss Mom said...

I'm intrigued....but I have one question. WHEN DO YOU FIND AN HOUR TO SIT AT THE COMPUTER AND WATCH A VIDEO!? I'm interrupted every 5 minutes when I'm on mine! :-)

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

haha.. well of course i didn't watch it during the day. I watched it after the kids went to bed and my hubby was working on the deck. It's an amazing documentary.