Monday, February 15, 2010

a little update..

busy times 'round here.

*Im 28 weeks this week. Insulin is doing the usual. Needing more. Earlier and earlier. But I am staying on top of it. Just ready to get through this last trimester and meet this little man.

*Doula-ed a birth last week. My first VBAC. It was amazing. I hope to write the story at some point today/night. She pushed out a 10.8 lb baby. She is my hero!

*the weather here has been cold which means my boys don't play outside as much as they normally do, which means that they are inside a lot more, which means that they need more "things" to do, which means I don't blog. LOL.

*God has done some amazing things for our family (always) but some recently that I can't wait to share. He is so faithful.

Well, im going to go for now.. but please watch out for that VBAC birth story, coming soon.

Oh and I finally came up with a name (rather it was suggested) for my doula "business": "Sweet Birth" Doula Services.

Here is a link to my fan page on Facebook, if you care to join.

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Sarah said...

Can't wait to read it! Hope you get a warm day soon so those boys are occupied :)