Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the power of a doctors' words..

Well, pregnant momma's need encouraging words from their care providers. And I am no exception. As a doula, I am used to giving out reassuring words to my clients. And with my own pregnancy, I need it from my own doctor... even if I know the truth already, it helps to hear it from someone else.

So today I had my doctor's appointment. I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow and am already on 100 units of insulin a day. With my last baby I was 100 units at 38 weeks. So as we've already established, each pregnancy the diabetes gets "worse or harder to control." Weeell, even though I know that insulin intake doesn't matter as much as blood sugar control, I still need to hear it from a doctor who agrees (with that evidence based fact) and can encourage this pregnant momma.

So my sweet doctor (Dr. R) said, "Rachel, you could be on 200 units a day and that doesn't concern me. It's keeping your blood sugar levels in tight control that is more important. The insulin amount is fine. You are fine. Baby is fine."

ahhhhh.. Thank you! I knew (in my head) that fact before I walked into his office, but needed it to effect my behavior. you see, I have gained 12 lbs in the past five weeks (the most I've ever gained in a pregnancy.. in that short of time) because my bs numbers have been too high. And they were too high because I was "afraid" to increase my insulin, thinking that for sure I did not need to have that much insulin. Why? Well honestly, bc of my peers. The people who don't understand that beyond a perfect diet, there are pregnant people whose pancreas stops producing for their bodies. It's like the people that have never had a strong willed child, trying to convince you that the techniques that worked for their passive child will work on yours.

Sorry, tangent over. All that to say, once the facts are evaluated, and words of encouragement are given, without fear mongering attached to them.. this pregnant momma has peace.

thank you doctor!


Sarah said...

Rachel, I love the comparison to the strong-willed child! Well said! I can relate to that analogy!

I hope that expressing my opinion on the importance that nutrition plays in pregnancy has not discouraged you. When we had a conversation about it a couple months ago (unrelated to your situation), I never meant to imply that you must not be doing something right nutritionally to have insulin dependence.

Just wanted you to know that, in case I came across that way. I think good nutrition in pregnancy can stave off many pregnancy/birth complications, but would never go so far as to blanketly state that any problem in pregnancy is due to a poor diet.

Glad your doc assured you. Please forgive me if I am one of those "peers" of which you speak. More stress is not helpful in pregnancy!

Enjoy Birth said...

How WONDERFUL that your OB is so great. I wish all moms had such wonderful care providers. :)

Lindsay said...

So glad that you and baby are doing fine and that you got the reassurance you needed. Dr. R is so great!

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

Oh Sarah.. far far from it girl. NOT you! I never for once thought that. In fact, your words challenged me and sharpened me, especially as it relates to my own clients. I am going to send this in an email too so that you know for sure i wasn't implying you.. nothing but love!

i have a mom starting something so i may not get that email out tonight .. ha! love you girl!

Isabella said...

Have you ever heard of using cinnamon to help lower your blood sugar? The sprouted cinnamon raisin bread is great, and just stirring cinnamon or a cinnamon stick into your tea. In addition to the insulin, of course. It really helped me when I had gestational diabetes.

Missi said...

I know what you mean, Rachel. I often wonder how it feels to be someone that really does need medication. We've been blessed to be able to handle all health problems with diet and homeopathic remedies. But I do know that there are those for whom those things do not always work.
Sometimes unsolicited advise is taken as criticism, although not meant that way by the advisor. ;)
When I'm worried about something I've taken while pg, my midwife always says, "Missi, people do crack when they're pregnant!" ROFL

Party of 5 said...

mommasara-yes cinnamon was recommended and my pancreas laughed heartily. Let me give you an example of my issue. I ate for dinner a large salad (with cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes), shrimp and a tiny baked potato (as in the whole thing was the size of just the inside of my palm). My TWO hour postrandial sugar was 220. that's two hours later.. imagine what it was like when it was one hour. Granted i forgot to take my insulin with me, but for a normal person that meal, even a diet controlled diabetic, should have been perfect. NOT me. 220. yes.. cinnamon would not touch that. even insulin, for me, needs to be increased more and more during pregnancy. For that same meal.

Sarah said...

Whew! Glad I didn't do what I didn't mean to do:).

I've read it here, so no need to e-mail me (unless you have more you want to say).

Can't wait to hear about the mom who was "starting something"--love reading those birth stories.

Hoping the encouragement from your doc has stayed.