Friday, July 8, 2011

Inspiration is back..

turns out that a photographer (or a novice, in my case) can gain tons of inspiration when given a new lens to try out..

so here I have a new love.. bokeh.

stunning.. (in my humble opinion). Nevermind that she put on her little brother's pj's.

I love that the subject "pops" out in front of that blurred backgroud (bokeh). It's gorgeous. (adorable nephew here).

my goofy son and his pal, cousin Asher.

Livia (niece) enjoying the zip line.

handsome Levi (nephew).

and then the lens captures the yumminess of the Pineapple-mango salsa my sister made..

and the delicious pasta I made..

and also the baby.. who was upset his daddy put him down..

all in all.. Im pretty sure I won't be using my other lens for a long time..

but she said it's okay. She likes it.

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