Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Motherhood: it's all about survival.

Sure, motherhood is about making a difference in lives. Helping little ones learn the difference between right and wrong and helping them understand life.

In between those moments.. there are the "how do I survive this?" moments.

Take for instance, laundry. What's the point, really? (Jorge at 1)

cleaning the house? What does it matter. (yes, that'd be coffee grounds). Alex @ 18 months

(isaac @ <1)

And as a mother.. you live for daily heart attacks, right? (jorge @ 2)

and then clean kids? Psh.. it's overrated.

I'm telling you friends.. it's all about survival.


Lindsay said...

Yes yes. Agreed. All of those scenes have been played out at my house as well.

Natalie said...

YES! Amen!

Rachel said...

Awesome collection of pictures. I'm wondering if Noah is going to make up for the lack of similar photos that Ali provided me...