Saturday, October 15, 2011

My First 5k.

I said I'd never run.

I'm not a "runner." Well, unless someone is chasing me. (that was always my joke).

Then I saw this program called Couch to 5k. (C25k). And people I knew were having success with it. The premise is to take you from sitting on the couch to running 3.1 miles in 8 weeks. Honestly, I was terrible about sticking to the schedule. I do remember running one of the days, in the beginning, that I was supposed to run for three minutes straight and thinking, "what am I doing?" Ha!

So I kept trying. And because my first 5k was coming soon, I only had six weeks to train. But I stuck it out and did it, running my first 3 miles two days before the race day.

My sister, Mishka, was originally supposed to run it with me (she does half marathons so this was more of a show of support for me) but her back went out the week of the race. So sadly, she wasn't able to make it. But she was still a big support for me.

So I set out to race.. but I figured it would be better to have a before picture (instead of an after).

Up until today, my best time was 10:51 minutes per mile.

My goal was to finish the race (3.1mi) in under 35 minutes.

But I was able to beat my record and ended with 3.33mi in 31:58. That is an average of 9:48 a mile!!

I am so excited! And now I hope to run another 5k while I train for an 8k or a 10k.

(Special thanks to my biggest supporter my hubby, Jorge. He was always quick to encourage me not to give up and to do whatever needed to be done so that I was free to go run/train. I love you babe. THANK YOU).


Sandy said...

Congrats! That is huge! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

emily said...

Congratulations Rachel! I ran my first 5k (well, second, if you count one I ran 11 years ago!) earlier this summer and it was thrilling! And that is not a bad time, either, especially for someone who isn't a "runner"! Sounds like you're becoming one!