Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whats a mom to do?

With both of my pregnancies we did not find out the sex of the baby. Two boys. We were pretty set on the name for Jorge. He is Jorge Emanuel. When I delivered our second son, we had the first night to decide if he was going to be Alexander Miguel or Miguel Alexander. I told my sweet husband that I didn't care either way, my only preference was that he go by whatever name was first. So my husband decided on Miguel Alexander. Well.. flash forward 9 months and we have an issue. Our sweet Jorge has a hard time pronouncing Miguel so his dad encouraged him to say Alex. So now he says with all the cuteness in the world, OUWEX. I still call him Miguel but even if I say to him, "jorge, where is Miguel?" he points to him and says "OUWEX."

What do I do?? Do I let time go by and eventually he will catch on to saying Miguel.. or do we let this "become" his name?? What do you think??


Abbey said...

I think it could be a cute name that just his brother calls him. Eventually he'll understand that he's both. My oldest son goes by Anderson, but family and friends call him "Ando" and his brothers call him "Bubby".

Kim said...

My boys baby names were Sloober-Doober, Widdle Widdle Si-Guy, and Felix is Beex. Corin is still enduring Sloob, Silas is still Si or Si-Guy, and Felix IS Beex (some of the women in our church call him Fi-fi, which Quinn abhores). We even have songs for their nicknames. They all know their names, but nicknames are great. We have a college student in our church named Matthew, but everyone calls him Twoy (pronounced too-ee). It is what his sister called him when he was a baby and when he was in highschool it was resurrected and now it is what he is known as. Go with the flow, baby!

Dollar General said...

Miguel is so cute! I hope he learns how to say it!