Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dont burn the Frijoles!

Okay.. there is a running joke in our house..."mom isn't done cooking until she's set off the fire alarm." Its true, my kids dont even flinch when the annoyingly loud alarm blares through the house. Im almost afraid that they wont exit a burning building, they will just think someone left something in the oven a little too long. Common talk at our house when we sit down to eat is:

Me: I kinda toasted a couple of tortillas a little too long
Big Jorge: Ah, just the way i like it

Me: The garlic bread is a little....
Big Jorge: Just the way I like it??

Me: Sorry babe, but don't get the rice on the bottom of the pan..its a little..
Big Jorge: just the way I like it!

You get the point. But let me just warn you that nothing and I mean NOTHING stinks up your house quite as much as Frijoles (beans) that are burnt. And it always surprises me at how quickly it can burn. And forget about taking the ones just off the top.. it scorches the whole pot. thus I got to make a trip to Publix with both kiddos to get more beans. So, FYI, don't burn the beans!


Anonymous said...

Helpful hint (my husband always tells me this) do not start out on high burner, medium will suffice and the chances of burning things are slimmer.....mind you it can still happen with neglect or excess cooking time but the burned dinners will be deminished greatly.

Dollar General said...

I guess your husband didn't say "Just the way I like it" on the beans since you went to the store. And that's hilarious about the fire alarm! You should start having your fire drills everytime that happens! HA!

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

i was actually cooking before he got home. I had to light, like 10 candles to get rid of the smell. I didn't want him to walk through the door and be disgusted. ha! he could care less about side dishes.

Graced said...

Our fire alarm goes off every time you open the oven, so the running joke is to yell "Dinner's ready" when they hear the alarm. It never seems to get old and they love to tell it to everyone they meet!

Anonymous said...

you crack me up! i can be just as bad, though. hey, with a child (or two) running around the house it's easy to get distracted. i've started trying to set my oven timer and even my phone timer to carry around with me so i know when to check the food. the other morning i scorched oatmeal (mmmmmm!) and i think my pot is ruined. at least, i haven't been able to get it clean even after several good soakings! so i've started making it in the microwave :)

Michelle said...

That is hysterical! your husband sounds very sweet!

Anonymous said...

He's a good man. We always gave our burnt food to my grandfather, he loved it that way!