Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

Again lots to cover today. i do want to post a seperate post later today if I get a chance. Good stuff. Anyway. Potty training is going along great. We had one pee-pee in the pull-up at Chickfila.. but this is only day two. He does great at home though!

I have an update to the whole birth plan/doctor #3 thing (yes Missy, I know I haven't revealed names but if you really wanted to know you can email me). My doc (N.R) is wonderful and called me after I sent him the email to assure me that there would not be any problems with dr #3 accepting my birth plan and that even if he felt there would be problems he would "be on-call" even if he wasn't on call. Basically, he will take me under his wing and, barring any major catastrophe in his life, be at my delivery. That was very reassuring. Yet another reason why I treasure that doc!

As far as the doula search goes, I have talked to two. One that i really, really want. Although she is due with her fifth child in May and is discussing with her husband if she can take me on since she will have a three month old when I deliver. She was very optimistic, but I told her, if it was me.. I'd have to say no. Although i really would love for her to be my coach. the second lady I talked to today was very knowledgeable but I am not sure if we are a good fit. She seems very confrontational and I am not sure what kind of environment she would create at the hospital. Anyway, still praying through that one.

I am going to try to take a little siesta while the boys are sleeping. We just had Bible Study this morning, lunch at chickfila and now they are snoozing. I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to posting later today!


Missy said...

OK, I do know.
Don't let doc #3 scare you. (L.R.)
If that is him, he is my personal hero and made decisions for us in my labor with #2 that we where unprepared to make. He is the doc that everyone either loves or hates. He dealt very well with us and delivered both of mine after difficult Labor and delivery.

But I do understand that you need to feel comfortable with your own doc and I'm happy for you that you have that in N.R.
I LOVE that whole group of Drs because of the Godly character that they all display. In the end that is what matters.

So I may be wrong in my guessing, so if I am...ignore me! Everyone else in my house does. ;)

Abbey said...

Glad it's working out for you. That sounds like good news. I'll be sure and tell "NR" tomorrow night at small group that he is being well loved in blogland. :)