Sunday, March 16, 2008


"This name was made known when Moses lifted up the rod of victory, in prayer, for an entire day as a battle with the Amalekites was fought (Exodus 17:15). The Hebrew word Nissi means my banner, or my covering, my protection and, also my victory."- per this site.

I can not even keep up with how many times in the past two and a half years I have said out loud, "Thank you Lord Jesus for your protection." I could list several reasons why but I am afraid that someone may be tempted to call DHR. Ha! Anyone who has had a toddler in the house can understand what I am talking about. There are times (shock of all shocks) when you are not able to be in the same room or are able to see every little thing your toddler is doing. These are generally the times, in my experience, that my toddler is doing something that is causing his angels to work overtime.

I am sure that the fact that my two are boys has something to do with the things that they are doing that gives such purpose to their angels. In fact, I am sure that angels in heaven have special training before being commissioned to the Garcia household. Or maybe your household.

For instance:
1. The numerous times (before we bolted every dresser to the walls) that we found Jorge in the top drawer of his dresser... standing.
2. the two times that Jorge has walked into the kitchen with a cutting knife that I left on the counter, within his reach, and said "look mommy."
3. The time that Jorge fell down the stairs at our old house because I forgot to put the baby gate back up. He was 13 months old.
4. the time at the zoo when Big Jorge thought I had Jorge and I thought he had him. Until we both were standing there with Miguel and in unison said, "Isn't Jorge with you?" Then we both yelled and ran in opposite directions.. looking for our son... who was happily playing on the slide (the play area of the zoo).
5. the time I found Jorge sitting quietly on the floor (this is very bizarre behavior).. only to walk over and say, "hey honey, whatcha doin'?" and as his little head turned around he opened his mouth and there were two quarters inside. "mommy, I eat it."

Anyway.. there are more but I am starting to worry that my phone is going to ring with a worried social worker on the other line. Forget the fact that I have poison control on speed dial.. you know after that time that Jorge decided to eat hydrocortozone cream. mom's no worries.. just causes a little diarrhea.

Of all the recent Jehovah-Nissi moments we have had over the past two years.. today topped them all. I had just arrived home with the boys to pick up some carnitas for dinner. Yummy. I let Jorge out of the car first because he wants to run to his daddy who is working in the front yard. Then they come back to the car and we get Miguel out of the car. At that moment we see Jorge run to our back yard. Not abnormal. Its safe back there, so we linger around with Miguel and I tell Big Jorge about my funny experience buying the carnitas. Then Miguel decides to head to the back yard. So we (me and my husband).. go separate ways.. me into the house and he to the backyard. I planned on meeting him back there I just had to drop off the food first. As I get to the front door I hear my husband yell.."Rachel.. Oh no.. I left the ladder up." We both then run, as fast as we possibly can. You see big Jorge was doing some work on the roof yesterday.. and well forgot to take down the ladder. Guess who had gotten to the back yard first.. our little angel slave driver.

We both get to the ladder, the eight foot ladder positioned against our roof, at the same time to see Jorge about one rung away from walking onto the roof. **faint**

At this time we both say, "thank you Jesus for your protection!"

I will petition the Lord tonight that Jorges' angel never get a vacation.. thus deserving a sizable raise.

Notice the little stinker in the picture below..


-C said...

Funny thing ... Doug did the same thing at our house the other day. Since I couldn't exactly move it on my own, I just hoped the boys wouldn't find it ... and believe it or not, they didn't. I don't think they like heights. Unless Doug would have been on the roof... now then they might have climbed. Perhaps Boy3 will be the daringest one of them all ...

Rachel said...

Wow!! SCARY!! Fun to tell on the back end though. :)