Monday, March 24, 2008

Insulin, Peeing and Secret Stalkers!

Lots to cover today. Btw, my hubby and I had a nice dinner out to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. Saturday night we headed to Botegas but changed our mind at the interstate and decided on J. Alexanders. The only reason: fatigue. We both had such an exhausting day that we wanted to stay closer to home. But the dinner was very nice. I love you my sexy Mex!

During this weekend it became obvious that my oral medication just wasn't "cuttin' it" and its time to move on to insulin. This is good/bad thing in that its not fun to give yourself a shot in the belly three times a day but good that I can stop feeling so tired because of high blood sugar numbers. I should be picking it up later today. The first couple of days are an adjustment because I have to figure out how much under the dosage I have to give so that I don't "crash" and have several "Shelby moments" (from Steel Magnolias).

Peeing. Yes.. I have begun potty training with Jorge. I say "begun" in that he is now wearing underwear when we are at home. One lady told me that I should "not go anywhere for a week and then it will be done." Since that thought is the most depressing thing to me ever (not going anywhere) I decided to take my sisters approach which is to just put a pull-up on when we go places, and make the first stop, when we get there, to the bathroom. The rule is still "no peeing or pooping in the pull-up" but he doesn't get a spanking for accidents. She said it took her son 3 months to be fully done training with no accidents.. so i figure that i am in good shape since I have six months until baby #3 gets here. As long as he gets it by then.. its all good in the hood.

Now to my secret stalkers. I have gotten at least four emails recently from people who have admitted to reading my blog but not leaving comments. Then there are the friends I have that have verbally told me they read my blog but don't leave comments. Those people total around 7 people. So all in all I "think" that I have a good blog following but I can't prove it. lol. but since my goal in writing is not validation I don't mind the no comments. Although I will say it gets kinda frustrating (grin) when I start to tell my friends a story and they interupt me with "oh yeah, i read that on your blog." OKAY well you should have to suffer through my story twice since I didn't know you had read it! ;-P

Anyhoo... I hope all of you had fun celebrating the resurrection of our Lord in whom we have victory over death and sin. Of course I would upload pictures but I didn't take any. Surprise. I even took my camera to the restaurant to get a pick of me and the hubby for our anniversary and I forgot that too. oh well.. such is life.


Jaci Spain said...

I can't believe you didn't take ANY pictures! What is wrong with you?! I have the opposite problem...taking too many:) Glad ya'll had a good anniversary. And people say the same thing to me about reading my blog but not leaving comments:)

Missy said...

I actually had to delete a post recently because I found out people where reading my blog. It was about a situation I was dealing with and I didn't say names or places, but didn't want annonymous people to start putting two and two together!
Just goes to show, you never know who is watching you!

Hey, you've still not answered thd doctor question!

Rachel said...

Go to and sign up for their free counter and info thing. Its really fun - you can kinda figure out who is going to your blog. . . kinda. I'll tell you all my tricks if you sign up - for instance, I know when you come to my blog now.
It kinda helps with the curiosity thing of knowing who comes, but sometimes it makes it worse because you can't figure out who someone was.

vacant vessel said...

I'm just commenting to validate you.

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

Haha.very funny Jon.

imagetts said...

Okay! I will give up my membership to your silent stalker fan club. I am guilty as charged. I cannot believe that YOU did not take ANY pictures.
We have another showing tonight b/w 6-7. We will be at the ball park so call me on my cell.

PS I hope that big Jorge is home when you read this so he can pick you off the floorb/c I know that you probably

Anonymous said...

hi, just letting you know i caught up on your blog today. i guess i'm not as faithful about the blog because i, myself, am not a blogger. as you know, i'm much more addicted to facebook, and i tend to comment more often in that forum. and yes, i'm sure i've been that friend who's stopped you mid-sentence with a "oh, i read that on your blog"...forgive me. i forget things easily. i'm glad to hear the good news about the doctor and the potty training! that's encouraging!

Marsha said...

Get a free sitemeter for your blog...then you will know how many view your blog. Some you can even tell who it is.