Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In which the 2 y.o goes to MDO.

Let me set up the scenerio for ya.

It's 10 a.m. We have done breakfast, have gotten dressed, straightened up the house, just had a showing for the house and are sitting at the living room table to go over some phonics for school. Granted, this is supposed to be Jorge's school "stuff" but I have a baby crawling around my feet, a 4 yo trying to grab the letters off the table and a 2 yo that is yelling that it's "my tuuun."

At the moment that I put my head on the table (because the reality that the one child that is supposed to be reviewing the letters can't even hear his own thoughts to focus) I realize that something HAS gotta change.

I really don't have an issue with homeschooling. Teaching a kindergartener is not difficult. But wrangling three younger siblings WHILE trying to juggle school, the house and selling the house, well.. THAT is.

So I knew it was time.

Time to enroll Eva (the 2 y.o) in MDO. Isaac still takes a morning nap so we can do school while he sleeps. And Eva.. she can play and have someone that has her full attention and isn't telling her "no" all morning. well two mornings out of seven.

When Eva was born her older brothers went to MDO for three months. And I loved it. They loved it. It worked for everyone involved.

So, starting tomorrow (yes, they had an opening and it begins tomorrow).. Eva will go to MDO. Tonight she gets to go to Walmart and pick out her very own backpack (likely Tinkerbell or spiderman, it's a toss up).

And mommy, she gets to keep her sanity. ;-)

And Im sure that "little momma" will enjoy the time to make some GIRL friends to play "baby doll" with.

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Greta said...

Sounds like an excellent decision!