Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parenting Tips Numero 3.

You can read my first and second installment if you'd like..

Without further ado...

It's best not to give your baby an Oreo. They probably won't like it very much.

Enter your child into rehab as soon as you see the hoarder tendencies.

Be prepared: letting your child choose their style.. well, it can backfire.

DO NOT let your child sit on tables.

If you are at all concerned about driving with a toddler in your lap. Maybe it would be better just to let them drive by themselves.

It's best to let them work out their own issues.

I personally believe that emptying the case of wipes is a good way to learn counting.

When trying to cook dinner, it's best to keep the little ones busy.

I can't say it enough: HYDRATE your children.

I think it's never too early to teach your children what to do if they encounter someone who isn't willing to share their toys.

Finally, I think it's best to enable your families' compulsive tendencies when they come to visit. Therefore deeming it socially acceptable to let your sister steam clean your toilet upon visiting.

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Rachel said...

Awesome! I haven't done one of these in too long. I should peruse my photo archives...