Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A year in review..

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 35.

A National Holiday.  At least in my family mind.

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember my birthday being a big deal.  Maybe it was because I was the baby and the world revolved around me (sadly).

But even as an adult, I LOVE celebrating my birthday!

And after my "30th" debacle (in which I was not happy), I am happily embracing EVERY year since.

My 34th year was full of huge milestones:

* In February I decided it was time to get fit.  I started exercising and eating better (dieting) and lost 16 lbs by December.  (pic on the right was in Sept).

* I set out to become a runner. And I did it!  I started with a 10:30 pace in February and now run an 8:30 pace as of December.  While I put a lot of hard work into this goal, I simply could not have made the improvements I did without my running partner (and trainer), Kristen.  I met her when we joined our lifegroup at church.  And she was eager to encourage me to get fit and exercise (she is, by trade, a spin instructor and a personal trainer).  And all the time we spent working out really turned into a beautiful friendship that I am so very grateful to have.  Love you New Jersey!

                                     (here we are after my very first time running sprints.. sweaty mess!)

* I ran some great races with my husband.  This was a first for us.  And it was awesome.

                                          (the Kenya Relief 5k)

And one of my favorites was the Warrior Dash!  a 5k with 10 obstacles included! 

*I ran my first Half Marathon!! 

* I got my first Tattoo! 

* We got a dog! 

*I had my first getaway with my husband in a very long time. And we also went ziplinning, which was also a first!

*And one of the biggest, and most difficult for me, milestones was my oldest child going "off to school."   

There was so much more that happened this year that was wonderful like the birth of my new niece, Eva Graciela, and the fact that I can now swim up to 2 miles (in training for a triathlon) and I have made some really amazing friendships that are icing on the cake.

All of this makes me sure that my 35th year will be even better!  I am claiming it as the "YEAR OF THE PULLUP!"  Yes, while I can run long distances, I have ZERO upper body strength and hope to be able to do some pullups by the end of next year.  Also, I will be competing in my first triathlon(s) as well as doing the Tough Mudder in April. (watch the video below):

IM CRAZY, RIGHT?? Thankfully I've already started training and Kristen is helping!!

While I am getting older.. I REFUSE to "get old."  Gotta keep moving!! Gonna push myself to new limits and watch as I accomplish things I never dared to do in my 20's!

I'll keep ya posted!!

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andria said...

Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday. Some wonderful accomplishments were made this year, awesome job! I've always wanted to be a runner, or even just a little athletic...maybe this year (with the Lords help, of course). ;)