Saturday, July 21, 2007

My kids are....

out to get me! Ha! Here is the proof:

1. Miguel is 9 months old and is only taking one nap a day. This would be okay except for the fact that he is a pill without the second nap. Granted, he has only done this the past two days so we will nip this in the bud very soon.

2. Jorge is seriously trying to make me fear for his life at every turn. He is determined to have me take him to the ER at least once before his third birthday next june. He is climbing on anything, even if its not nailed down. In fact, if it moves that just adds to the element of danger. So if i walk out of the room, he is high tailing it to the nearest drop off.

3. Miguel has refused to take a bottle. I have had to ween him from breastfeeding. he did well the first two weeks but now he refuses to take a bottle. This would otherwise not be a problem except for the fact that he only has one tooth. This makes eating anything besides yogurt and baby food very difficult. UPDATE: i did find a sippy cup at walmart that he has deemed worthy and is now drinking milk from it.

4. Jorge is convinced that his little brother enjoys when he sits on him, on his head, legs, back or any other part of him. It doesn't help that miguel laughs initially, just out of sheer joy that his older brother would pay any attention to him, but if I don't get there fast enough he begins to squeal like the Nasgoul (Lord of the Rings).

These things make me seriously rethink my child spacing theories.


JenB said...

AH, yes...they are def ganging up on you! Just wait until they become teenagers! bwahahahahaha!

Graced said...

stick with your theory, it pans out in a few years

Abbey said...

They'll probably be best friends though, and that's so great!

Kim said...

don't you just love babies? My kids loved the nuby cups from walmart... They were good transitional cups. He'll get it eventually.