Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Houston we have a problem..

Well.. me and baby are great! I had a dr.'s appt yesterday and the baby's heartrate was 168. too early to decide. Although we are finding out the sex on April 15th. Anyhoo.. like I said.. that part of the appointment was great. Then I talked to the dr. This is a "new" doctor for me. Part of the "meeting with all the docs in the practice." I have already met with two other ones and had great conversations with both. Of course I am talking about conversations about my "birth plan" for a natural child birth. Let me give you an update of what the other docs have agreed to.

DOC 1 - My primary doc! He is the best!
-Yes on my plan to have a doula
-Yes on allowing me to walk around with a PIT drip (if I have to be induced)
-Yes on letting me walk around after the water breaks (on its own) if the head is well engaged (to avoid cord prolapse)
-Yes on a HEP-Lock with no IV fluids (the water can slow down labor by "drowning" the hormones that are working for your labor.
-Yes on a 20 minute "stip" on the baby (the Fetal heart rate monitor) every 2 hours (that is very liberal by the way.. i was asking for every hour but he said he could do better than that and give me every 2 hours). This allows me mobility instead of being "hooked up" and "stuck" in one position trying to cope with contractions.
-Yes on NO episiotomy.

Thats it .. all I want.

DOC 2- we like him too.
-Yes to all of the above expect he said he was only comfortable with a 20 minute strip every hour not every 2 hours.
Cool deal. I'm good with that.

Okay so that leads to DOC #3 that I met with yesterday. Here are his responses to my above birth plan.
Me: What is your opinion about doulas?
DOC 3: I hate them. (I was in shock btw) In fact I have only known them to get in the way and try to be in control of the decision making.
Me: Well, I do plan on using one since my husband would rather me use one than have him coach.
DOC 3: Well you may want to check with Brookwood because I don't even think they allow them since they have had such bad experiences with them in the past.
(I have checked with Brookwood and they DO allow them)
Me: Um.. okay. And what about 20 minute strip every hour?
DOC 3: well.. i am not comfortable with that. I would want you on the monitor more than that.
Me: How much more?
DOC 3: I am not sure but you can still be monitored and walk around the bed or sit in the rocking chair on lay in the bed.
(all of that is code for: you will be on the monitor the whole time.. oh and he has never had a contraction a day in his life and doesn't know what it would take to "get comfortable" while having one.
Me: And walking after the water is broken obviously if the head is well engaged?
DOC 3: Yeah well we would have to wait and see how well the head is engaged before that happens.
Me: No IV fluids?
DOC 3: Oh Im great with that.
Me: No Episiotomy?
DOC 3: Oh I wouldn't even think about it. Great with that too!

Then he tells me that he is going to have to meet with the "committee" (of other docs) to discuss my "case." And then I ask if that is my "case" of diabetes treatment or my birth plan. He says, "about your birth plan. We need to come to an agreement and get back to you." That is code for : Look lady I have been here longer than those other docs and I will let them know what they are allowed to approve and then we will tell you what you will be able to do."

So I emailed my primary OB doc (DOC #1) and let him know about all this and asked for some insight into the future of my birth plan if I should happen to get DOC #3 when I go in to deliver. I am looking forward to his response.

Fun times. I may be calling doc's around town in the next week or so. ...


Missy said...

OK...I have to know the names of the Drs...and I have to know if we go to the same place.

If you want just comment with their initials and then after I read it you can delete.
I must know !!!!

Kim said...

Yeah, I'm curious about that, too.

JenB said...

If you do happen to need a supportive OB, I have a suggestion. I worked for a couple of OB/GYN's and I recently saw a recommendation on for the doc I worked for. The recommendation was from a doula that had good things to say about the experience of working with them. Let me know if it comes to that...hopefully you will be able to continue your doc and keep your birth wishes for that!

Anonymous said...

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