Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots to cover..

It's been forever since I've uploaded any pictures.. so I am going to be covering a lot of ground.. Enjoy!

Starting with Alex's second birthday party. Daddy is tossing him up!
"So Alex, what is it that you want?"

Tell me she isn't the most adorable thing you've seen (okay so I am definately partial). 

Alex found the Doritos..

David W. and his nephew Jack (oh and Jen your husband can not take a normal picture can he?)

David and Jen's boy: Fritz, enjoying a delicious cupcake.

Jorge giving his Vita a goodbye kiss. And FYI, Jorge's shirts reads : I still live with my parents. 

Eva at 4 weeks. 

Eva at 6 weeks. 

My two year old is now having to wear onsies under his clothes bc he keeps putting his hands down his diaper and pees all over the place. 

My three year old sleeps in some funny ways.. on top of his pillow..
facing the wrong way.. 

Eva with Dr. Ross at my 6 week checkup.  We highly recommend the awesome Dr. R!

Alex giving one of millions of kisses to his Eva.  

Can you tell the men in the house adore this little girl?

Eva is thinking: Mom, really.. you look to tired to be in a picture with me.. you're cramping my style. 

Our family's first time going to a movie.. no worries it was the $1 theater and we saw Kung Fu Panda.  The kids did great.  Eva slept, Jorge loved it and as long as Alex had the bag of popcorn all was Zen in the world. 

Outside of the theater.. notice who still has the popcorn...

still eating..

Finally.. as we were walking to the car.. he still has to chow down.

WELL that was a lot of pictures.  I hope you got a few chuckles at our expense.. I'll try to keep the blog better updated.. 



Missy said...

All that popcorn had to have made for some intersting poops!

Little girly is getting cuter and cuter!

Hopefully you will be getting to the "Mom can get more sleep" stage really soon :)

Jaci Spain said...

Lots of great pictures! Thanks for FINALLY posting pictures of Alex's birthday party since it was 2 weeks ago...LOL:) JK!

Lindsay said...

Cute pics! I just switched to Dr. Ross after I had Eli and plan to go to him with my future pregnancies. He does seem great!

care-in said...

Looks like you got your money's worth for the popcorn!

You guys are cute!