Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Story time..

So today I decided to take the kids to their first ever story time at the local library.  They do a creative take on a story, songs, a craft and then a snack.  I knew going into it it would be stressful, but I knew that the kids would like it.  So I hoped.  One thing that I love when I get into these settings is that I really want to take pictures of the kids enjoying "firsts."  However, generally speaking, with now three kids three and under, I am severely outnumbered.  So the pictures don't happen.  And the whole time I am aware that I am not taking pictures and at the time... honestly, I just don't care.  Because if I am not taking pictures it means that things may not being going as I hoped.  For instance.. enjoy the following pictures that didn't happen: 

**Here you would see a pic of us arriving to library and Alex making a stinky diaper and grunting very loudly.  The boy needs more prunes apparently. 

** Here you would see a pic of Jorge not understanding that we will get the Bob the Builder dvd AFTER we go to story time.. He is trying not to cry.  Sad picture. 

**Here you would see a pic of my face and the expression of "oh no" as i walk into story time to a room decorated for Halloween (makes sense. its two days before Halloween).  I realize that our first story time has a Halloween theme..and if you haven't guessed.. we don't "do" halloween.  Others may, we may not.  

**here you would see a picture of me asking the story time reader if the story is about Halloween.  She says, "no.  its about a square pumpkin that saves some round pumpkins that roll out of the fence."  Thats fine with me.  We stay. 

**here you would see a picture of Alex crying while I am trying to get him to sit in my lap.  But I didn't give up and eventually he got it. 

**here you would see a picture of Alex saying "no," constantly while all the other kids are happily singing songs and doing the motions.  And by that I mean.. he is telling me "no" every 4 seconds. Especially, when I would do the motions to the songs with the other little kids. 

Eva slept the whole time which was a blessing.  Alex didn't like it and Jorge kept asking me if "we done now mommy.  We get Bob da buider now?"  

Better luck next time.  And maybe some real pictures.  Ha!


Jaci Spain said...

Next time get the DVD BEFORE Story Time:) Maybe we can go together next week. Any way you could make it to the 9:15 one or is that when Eva eats?

Anonymous said...

Hate to say that I wouldn't have been much help if I had come with you...that's exactly how Fritz was every time we would go to Hoover's story time. From what it sounds like, I think your two probably behaved better than my one child would have. But maybe we can try again another week... I'm proud of you for braving it alone with all three!

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you today. You have precious children. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Abbie Bradshaw