Friday, January 16, 2009

On the road again..

Headed to Tuscaloosa tonight for Rachel's first home meet.  Very excited.   This time my hubby gets to come and the boys are staying with my awesome friend Christina, who offered to keep them.  Eva is, of course, coming with us.. since I hate to pump.  Ha. 

I am hoping that you will participate in a new feature on my site: polling.  I have some interesting questions that I will be polling for.  It's all anonymous so no worries that I would know your answer.  So check the poll often.. so that you have the opportunity to put your opinion out there.  

Well I am on to other things.. hopefully I will have more to say later.  ;-P


Rachel said...

FUN!! I'm still trying to find a TV listing for the meet, but it looks like I'd have to watch it online if I wanted to watch it.

And pumping IS NO FUN.

Good choice.

Enjoy the meet!!!

Jaci Spain said...

Hope ya'll have fun. I am planning to make it to a couple of her meets this season too...Will she actually get to compete tonight?

-C said...

I'm with you on the "hating to pump". :) A meet sounds like something she will enjoy too.

Anonymous said...

your awesome friend Christina is in fact mentally retarded. are you sure you want to leave your children with her?

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

thomas.. i am so glad that you care about your sister so much..

Anonymous said...

Did you see the open letter from Santa Clause on my blog?

crying shame i say.