Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Younger sisters' first meet for UA!

The meet was at Auburn.  And going in to the meet UA had beaten AU the past 95 times the two have competed.  It was a close match all night.  AU looked great!  Especially on Floor.  Two of their girls scored 9.9's.  And at the very end Alabama pulled out the 96th victory by a margin of .02 of a point.  Is that not INSANE?  This site will have video at some point.  

Here are some pics.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get any good action shots.  But I will try to upload my own video of Rachel on the Bars.  The team also wore pink bc it was a Breast cancer awareness meet with proceeds from tickets going to research. 

The only "action" shot I have of her.  about to take her place on bars.  She was doing an exhibition so it didn't count for scoring. 
After the meet. 
She loves Eva and showing her off to her friends. 

Mom (Darcy), Rachel and Dad (Jim). 
Rachel and some friends that came down to the meet.  

This is Rachel's coach.  No he is not as short as she is.  He is like 7 ft tall and is on his knees.. oh and still taller than her!  She is the shortest on the team at 4' 10.  

One of my BFF's that lives in Columbus, Shelley, came to the meet too.  Please notice the little girls looking at each other.  Naomi Hope and Eva.  BFF's too! 

They are one month apart.  And even though they were tired and it was way past their "bedtime" they did great! 

Even fell asleep during all the noise.  

We had a great time.  It was so good to see Rachel in the college level.  The night before the meet I asked her if she were okay if I were to cry when she walks out and she said "yes.  I'll probably cry too."  I asked her "Is it because you'll be nervous or because its the realization of a dream come true (competing at Alabama)."  She said, "umm, both."  '-)  We love her and can't wait to see the gymnast she is going to become over the next four years, Lord willing. 

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Rachel said...

That's great!
I looked on the websites to see if it was going to be shown on TV anywhere, but couldn't find it. I wanted to see it!!! Surely they'll have one on TV before the season's over. Or I'll get Chris to take me to a meet. After all, I go to Tuscaloosa for HIM enough . . . ;)