Saturday, April 25, 2009


This just makes my heart melt.  They truly do love each other.. 

Funny things my almost 4 year old has said recently: 

me:  Jorge, mommy is going to go jump in the shower real quick."
Jorge:  NO MOMMY!  You can't jump in the shower.  It's very dangerous."

me:  You're gonna stay here with daddy while mommy runs to the store. 
Jorge:  Okay mommy.  You go to da store.  But you can't come back without Bolt (the movie).

I have a Kenpo dvd workout video as part of P90X.  it involves karate type moves with kicks, punches and the such.  Jorge came out of his room the other day during one of my workouts, sat on the couch and said very sternly: 
"mommy, you exercise, but NO kicking and NO hitting."  (apparently, he was not a fan of that workout).  


Rachel said...

I love the no jumping in the shower. Too cute!

christiejones said...

What a sweet picture of the boys! Btw, i saw your comment about the boys waking so early. Mine did too for the longest time, and then i bought a thick piece of cardboard from hobby lobby and put in in their window. They wake up on average about 7am now and lots of times later than that! There is no price tag to that!!! This may not be anything you don't already do or know, but I had to share just in case!

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

oh yeah.. christie.. we even have the blackout curtain.. thanks for the idea.. unfortunately my boys have blown that theory out of the water. its back to the drawing board.. ;-)