Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jump into 30!!!


A fellow blogger, Amanda, posted a cute post about not wanting to turn 26 because it seemed she moved out of one category (on a form she was filling out) from 21-25 to the 26-30 year old bracket.  

Well how bout' this.. I don't fit in either one!  I'm 31!  But I must tell you that I dreaded turning 30.  Only because I still felt like I was 26 years old.  We had our first kid at 27.  So I feel young, even though I know 31 "seems old."  

But truth be told, I love being in my thirties.  I get natural respect as a "grown up" but don't look over the hill.  I am getting in the best shape of my life (thank you P90X) and I have been married 6 years (oh yea, which we celebrated while we were at the beach) and have three adorable kiddos.  Not to mention that with age comes more time of walking with the Lord.  There are benefits galore for that one alone.  

So you may be someone who is a few years, months or days away from jumping into the upper bracket, but I can honestly say it gets better every year!  

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Amanda Leigh said...

:) Thanks for the shout out! Oh and ps there were other categories ex: 31-35 ha. Oh being 26 won't be so bad!
So proud of you with p90x I did p90 and
I do turbo jam and sometimes its so hard to do it when you are at home and there are other things to do. Just have to make it a priority!

Tony is a nerd, but you gotta love him. X ME X ME! his favorite saying of p90x