Friday, April 10, 2009


So my hubby takes treks with the kids and tells me he is "going to the creek with the boys."  Normally, I stay home and clean or cook dinner.  Well, today we went to the park, you know with playground equipment, and the boys kept bugging me to go to the water.  

Since I had not been before, they had so much fun showing me the way.  And this is what they did.. WARNING:  it's a young boys' paradise.  

Rocks to climb on!

Even Eva gets a nice view.. and entertainment. 

You can stand, run and play in the water that is not worrisome deep.  Ankle high! And a little "island in the background" that they get to run to and grab smaller rocks to throw in the water. 

He could do this for hours!  

She liked it too! 

Take a stab at a caption for Eva on this one... 

Anyhoo.. it was a blast.  Had we gotten there before 11:30 we could have stayed longer, but I thought an hour and half was enough... especially when Eva was getting very upset.  

This, if the water doesn't evaporate due to heat, will be a great place to come hang out when the heat is getting to us and some cool water would feel nice on our feet.. (and the pool is just a wee bit much for me with three little ones, this year). 

Anyway, if you are interested in it and you are in the area its at City of Pelham Park off of Hwy 31.  But at the back entrance (Baseball field entrance).  


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Jaci Spain said...

Wow, that looks so cool. My girls would love that too because they love the one at Heardmont. We'll have to try it out. Thanks for sharing...and cute pictures too!