Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Self Confidence vs. chiffon. Chiffon Wins!

There is nothing in the world to crush any self confidence you may have mustered up after giving birth to two children in two years, than trying on bridesmaid dresses. Esther is engaged. For that I could not be more thrilled. I am honored that she would ask me to be a part of her special day, I just wish it could be as special with me in overalls. Or even just a nice pair of slacks and a pretty shirt.

I love that I have enough around the middle to fill up the dress, but not enough for up top.

I love that the people who are also going to be in the wedding have never had a human grow right in their belly. In fact, none are even remotely close to that event.

I love that no matter the fact that it could be an Empire waist, I got to much muffin top.

I know what you ladies are saying right now.. C'mon Rachel.. you are skinny. You look fine. Okay ladies. I see your lips moving but I ain't hearing ya! I am not saying that Im not "happy" with my looks. My belly and stretch marks are a "crown of glory" for my two beautiful treasures. However, what I AM trying to say is that Im a big orange compared to all these apples. Different comparisons. As I told Esther today, "Please do not pick your bm dresses (funny bm also stands for bowel movement) around what looks flattering on me. An almost thrity year old mother of two is not the target group for designers of bridesmaid dresses."

Anyhoo.. I thought I would share my interesting experience. What is also going to throw a kink into it is that I hope to be pregnant by her wedding next June.. just not sure how far along. Soooo.. at any rate..this could get very interesting.

FYI... bm dresses are like the plague.. avoid them.


-C said...

Hopefully the last wedding I'll ever have to stand in was when Zach was 6 weeks old. That was tough to know what my postpartum body would look like. Thank goodness for a seamstress in our church who was able to take in the "tent" of a dress I had to order "just in case". Although it was a happy day for my sis-in-law, it wasn't my favorite day. ;) Bfing was not cool in a formal, yet I was thankful to have a two piece ... and didn't dare try it in public.

JenB said...

I've been a pregnant lady in a BM dress (in the same pregnancy it was 2 weddings 2 months apart!)....not a pretty site-I HATE THE PICTURES of my friend(s) beautiful day...and it was NOT comfortable. And my best friend had to PUMP while all dolled up in a BM dress for another of our friends wedding, and let me tell ya...NOT EASY! I do not recommend it! You will be miserable...especially during the HOT HOT HOT month of June. Being barely preggers would be best...but then again, you're not always in control of those things. All I can say about that is.....

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking yesterday, while shopping for some dressy school clothes, how easy it would be if I could just wear my comfy tees, capris, and flip flops...ahhhh! I still need to find "professional" yet comfy clothes...dreading it!

Michelle said...

I WILL avoid bowel movement dresses!!!! That sounds disgusting! Ewww. Maybe they will look better than they will smell. just joking!

Dollar General said...

NO MATTER HOW SKINNY YOU ARE IF YOU'VE BEEN PREGNANT - YOU ARE FLABBY! It's not so much "fat" that gets me - I know I'm not "over weight" but the flabbiness is CRAZY! So, I know what you are talking about.

Time it just perfectly where you're not a whale but a "cute pregnant girl" - everyone will then be so thrilled at how cute pregnant you are and not "flabby". And then you can tell your child - the only reason your here is b/c I was asked to be in Esther's wedding!! HA!

Can't wait to rejoice with you over baby #3!!

Kim said...

I was not a bridesmaid in Shaun and Virge's wedding, but I did sing in it two weeks before Corin was born. I had gained 75 pounds and had "outgrown" most of my maternity clothes. GREAT PICTURES, by the way.
My cousin, size 2 beauty, got married a few months after Felix was born and my sister (who had also just had a baby) and I were both in the wedding. I had to go to a bridesmaid shop to get measured and was told I was three different sizes (bust 12, waist 14, hips 10). I just had to pick one. At least I wasn't my sister who develops cantalope breasts when she nurses. Breast pads in a strapless dress (poking out the top) are very stylish, just so you know.