Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ahh..sweet sleep!

1 : exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness
2 : expressing or characteristic of weariness
3 : having one's patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted -- used with of

Well it had been one of those days. Sadly it was beyond a day of instruction, it was a day of discipline. My two year old has moved from the cute, "no..i go bye bye" when I tell him to do or not do something. He has stepped right into the defiant, "NO!" I noticed that the day before I was not as quick to discipline as I should, so I was resolute on this day. I went before the Lord about it during my focused, alone time of prayer (aka, in the shower) and was determined to meet my son with grace, yet consistancy. At the end of the day I was weary. Every use of the word, above, described me. I was desperate for a Word from the Lord. So after the little ones were in bed I opened my Bible and asked God to speak. I did the ol' fashioned concordance look up for the word describing how I felt.: weary. After a few verses that just made me laugh, "The weary find rest in the grave," Job 3:17, I found some very comforting verses. Most I have read before, but i had new eyes to see and was thinking of my current situation with dealing with my disobedient son, yet knowing that this is what the Lord has for me.

"He gives strength to the WEARY and to him who lacks might He increases power." Isaiah 40:29

"Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get TIRED, they will walk and not become WEARY." Isaiah 40:31

"For I (God) satisfy the WEARY ones and REFRESH everyone who languishes. At this I (Jeremiah) awoke and looked and my sleep was pleasant to me." Jeremiah 31:25-26

"But as for you, brethren, do not grow weary in doing good." 2 Thessalonians 3:13

God is good. I love those words: Strength, might, mount up, run, walk, satisfied, refresh and pleasant sleep! That is what I need during this time. However, I must: wait for the Lord! I will trust His timing through this season of "rebellion" with my son. I know that God has this child in the palm of his hand. Not only will I pray for me, but I will resolve to pray for this little fella as well. Ahh.. sweet dreams.


Kim said...

It's HARD to be a mom...
Sue Haller (Hal Haller's wife, From SEBC) told me when Corin was a baby "Be very, very consistent with discipline through toddlerhood until the age of four and then they will understand the boundaries." We still have boundary breakers with Corin and Si, but they come in cycles and we remind them (in the way of discipline) why the boundaries are there in the first place. I was so thankful for that little piece of advice. I remember just days that I would cry and think "How many times does he have to spanked to understand?" Oh, and those were the days when Quinn would come home and I would smile and say "I'm going to Target to get milk, I'll be home in two hours." Then I would go and try on shoes.

Firecracker's Mommy said...

I will pray for you Rach, I seems that you handled it very well. Esp. by going to the Word instead of dwelling on your thoughts and feelings. This "no" time is needful in his little life but even more needful is the loving consistent discipline that will creat safe and loving boundaries for him. I know with Kate when I was nannying sometimes she would be just rotten and then her mommy would discipline her and she would be sweet and content as if she just needed to know who was in charge. I think without that she seemed to get stressed out and frustrated. I don't know though cause I don't have kids of my own. But I think it would be stressful to be a kid and have to be the boss. Too many decisions. God will bless this time of weariness Rachel, He will. You are in my prayers.