Thursday, August 9, 2007

Little things I noticed today

1. Jorge knocking on his own door at 6:30 a.m while trying to come out of his room.
2. Miguel trying to pick up something off of the floor. Full of intent and committment. Oh wait, thats a dead fly.
3. Jorge aiming the big bouncy ball, quite well I might add, right for the top of Miguel's head.
4. Miguel a little bewildered as to why his brother is laughing hysterically at the ball that just hit his head.
5. Jorge was the "grose boy" that the little girls at the Chickfila playplace were trying to run from. Of course he was clueless. Their response when they see him, "ewww..there HE is. Run. Don't let him touch you." Priceless.
6. Miguel only wants the toys that his older brother is playing with.
7. Don't walk out of the room to change your youngest sons' diaper. Older son will pour contents of bottle onto the end table and floor. Then hide in the corner behind the couch upon your return.
8. If I give Jorge a cup while playing in the bath he WILL, I repeat, will pour water onto his younger brothers head.
9. If Jorge is jumping on his toddler bed and Miguel is trying to climb on it too, chances are that Jorge will do an accidental booty drop onto Miguels head. Its a given.
10. When its time for bed, baths have been given, bellies are full, and its moments before we have to put them down for the night, they will play quietly and calmly as if they are someone elses children.

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Anonymous said...

How funny! I love remembering those kind of moments.