Saturday, August 11, 2007

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

We have been kicked out of our home. Our AC unit is not functioning, and after one night of suffering last night we decided to head to mom and dad's house (terry) for tonight or until it gets fixed. It was 84 degrees last night, in our house, and that was WITH windows open and fans on full blast. The kiddos slept in their diapers and I had fans blowing directly on them the whole night. HOT! The sad part is that not one contractor has called us back and the one we have talked to (Big Jorge flagged him down while he was making a house call a few houses down from us) said that most people would not fix it until Monday. Sad. The awesome thing is that we have family here that we are able to stay with, and who needs an excuse to spend some extra time with family?? Fun times. Please pray that this can be resolved soon.

I am praising God for AC right now. I will never take it for granted again. Ha!

UPDATE: i went to the house to get clothes and other things.. the house thermostat read 95 degrees! I was sweating while packing our bag. lol!


-C said...

Boy, it is not the day for no AC ... our outside temp reads 100 (in the shade of our front porch). Ugh. Glad you have family in town.

Anonymous said...

ah...reminds me of being in Dominica just a few days ago! It doesn't get as hot there and it is cooler at night but when you don't have the typical AC to get in, it seems like it never ends. Whew...I was not made for heat, I like my AC! Praise the Lord for family!

Dollar General said...

I hate it for you! Way does the air break when it is 100 degrees outside? Our therometer outside read 109 this afternoon!! CRAZY! I hope things get fixed soon! Nothing like no AC to put a momma in a bad mood! Have fun staying with the fam!!

JenB said...

I often describe myself as an "indoor girl" because I can't take the heat very well...if my AC were to go out, I don't know what I'd do (besides move in with my parents too!) Glad you have some refuge! Hope it is all fixed up soon...there's no place like home....except ANY HOME THAT HAS AIR in such horribly hot temps!