Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Birthday!

Im 30!!! Im okay with it.. Im still alive so all is good. I had an absolutely wonderful day. I spent time with my boys, all three of them. We went to Wings for lunch. I love wings. Oh and they have the best cheese fries in the world. We came home took naps and then did a little shopping. By the way.. my birthday shirt was made by Shelley and it said on the front "Smile its my birthday" and on the back it said "Garcia 30" like a jersey. It was very cute. Thank you Shelley. I got much attention for it.. which you know I hate.

For dinner we headed to Ross Bridge Resort to eat at Brock's. This was a present from "Mom and Dad" (Jim and Darcy). They told me that I could invite our great friends the Wendorf's squared (as I call them). Paul and David are brothers. It was the first night that Christina's baby boy, Jack, had been without her for longer than two hours. She held up great. And so did Jack..of course. And Fritz (David and Jen's boy) stayed with friends of theirs. My boys stayed with Darcy.

Dinner was incredible. I can not even put into words how incredible it was. I was the goof in the restaurant taking pictures of everyones plate. But I had a blast. We all laughed so hard I snorted, on several occasions. I could not have asked for a better evening.. and then.... after dinner, while I wasn't looking Jorge slipped a surprise (courtesy of mom and dad) on the table in front of me. When I turned around I saw an envelope with room keys for a room at the Renaissance Hotel at Ross Bridge. (check it out here). Okay guys.. if you can get an idea of how incredible the restaurant is that will give you an idea of how nice the hotel is. Of course I invited our friends upstairs to check it out.. but then we kicked them out so that we could.. um.. get some sleep. yeah..sleep. ;-)

Mom (darcy) stayed the night with the boys and they survived and so did she. I am so thankful for my incredible birthday. By far one of the best! I think this year is going to be one of the best as well!

Whats a night out with friends in an elegant, fine dining restaurant without a little accidental "lack of culture" on my part. Funny moment of the night to spotlight my lack of fine dining knowledge:

The waitress is allowing Jorge to taste the wine he's ordered. He does the usual swirl, smell and slurp.. uh..I mean sip. Then she comes to me..and since my taste buds are not designed for wine.. I pass. david is sitting beside me and the waitress walks past him right to his wife, Jen. I lean over and say, "guess she doesn't like you very much." Which he then replies.. "Umm.. you serve the ladies present, first." Ha! Look what I know..obviously nothing. lol.


Anonymous said...

See I told you in my comment in your previous note that your 30's would be as special as you and from those photo's I can see you are off to a wonderful start. You are very special Rachel and very blessed. It's a pleasure to know you and be considered your friend.

Anonymous said...

How fun! You went to a really fancy restaurant where they put decorative swirly stuff on your plate like on food network!!

-C said...

Happy birthday, girl! Glad you had a great time with friends and extra alone time with Jorge. Awesome start to a brand-new decade of life. :)

Marsha said...

What a wonderful surprise! Just what the two of you needed.
Happy Birthday.

alli said...

Happy Birthday! I was so wigged out over 30. Isn't that crazy? It was my BEST birthday ever, and it seriously has been my favorite year...woo hoo for the big 3-0!

Missy said...

Can I just tell you how intrigued I was by all of the pictures of the food? This is what I was thinking..."My gosh, they ordered everything how the menu, how cool is that!"
I loved the variety and the fact that you took pictures. I would so do that, and Stacy would so be embaressed.
Awesome Hotel room AND bathroom!
Thanks for cutting your camera off after that ;)
HAPPY 30th!!!!

Missy said...

Oh, and the picture of the desert I actually said out loud "MMMM"