Friday, December 7, 2007

19 Years today!

Penelope Cook. This is my mom. She died 19 years ago, today at the young age of 36. The top picture is when she was in her late twenties and the bottom one is of her about three years before she died. And before she was on Predisone (steroid) and gained a lot of weight. She died from complications with Lupus (which there have been major medical advancements with living with Lupus in the last 19 years).

She died 11 days before my 11th birthday (I turn 30 on the 18th) so what I remember of her is very sensationalized. My sisters remember more of her, including things that I think are just impossible (she had a temper! No wonder where I get it!). I was the baby so i only remember being spoiled. Ha! This lady was a true spark. My dad had a saying, "When I come home from work I turn on the t.v or the pick up the newspaper just to see what Penelope did today." She was THAT mom that was the advocate for every other mom on the planet. Very outspoken, opinionated and most of all ready to help anyone that needed it. Even when it was inappropriate. My sister told me recently of the time my mom tried to break up a fight.. between a man and his wife, out in their front yard. The man kicked my mom after the cops arrived. But she was trying to fight the man.. just to help the lady. Thats just... well.. my mom. She was fiesty. Your best friend..that you didn't want to cross.

Had she been a Christian, I am not sure of her heart only the Lord knows.. I know she would have been a "prophet" or whatever you want to call the gift of wisdom and seeing things black and white (the same spiritual gift that I have). We probably would have butted heads in my high school years and been best friends now. She was beautiful and the apple of my daddy's eye. It wasn't until I got married that I grasped how difficult it was for my dad to loose her. He truly treasured that woman. My favorite memory was growing up sitting on the floor listening to all her records and mom and dad dancing in the hall, even after the music ended.

Mommy I miss you very much! My boys would have loved you tremendously and my husband would have picked on you as much as he does me. And you would set him straight! I love you!


Marsha said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom! My sister has Lupus. She's almost died twice. Each year I think she won't make it, but the Lord continues to spare her even though she is an invalid (sp?) now. She just turned 50 2 weeks ago.
I think you look like your Mom. She would be so proud of you!

Missy said...

That is a wonderful tribute. And you do favor her a lot!
The Lord has done wonderful things in your life. Keep it up girl!

Kim said...

I thought that top picture WAS you! She was BEE-EWW-TI-FUL. Your post made me cry.

JenB said...

Great tribute to your mom! You look just like her-I thought that was you in the first pic until I read the post! And that is a great pic of your dad! Just like I remembered him...and I don't know if it was in person, or only in a picture.

-C said...

Yes, it sounds like you're a lot like your mom and you definitely resemble her. :) What a beautiful way to honor her ... I don't think I've heard the story before.