Monday, December 10, 2007

Why do I love my life??

5.   "mommy, dank ewe for chick-a-lay." -Jorge

4.  "ooh, ooh." -Miguel, big smile on his face as I ask him if he wants more chocolate

3.  Me:  "Jorge, can I have a kiss?"
     Jorge: "Nooope." wait for it.... "Okay mommy.  I wub ewe mommy."

2.  (me sitting on the floor with Miguel)
     me: (singing) "We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship..."
     Miguel:  "aaaahhh" as he gets up and runs toward the t.v (that is off, btw)

1.  (saying our prayers before bed)
      Me: Thank you Jesus.... 
      Jorge:  for Nemo.

Cute pics...


alli said...

dashboard then layouts then to pick template. I pick the template that looks blank. Like all white.

I am not savvy on this stuff at all. However, I love playing with the color fonts, back ground colors and such.

The picture on the top of my silly blog is one that took when I was at a creek with some peeps. I just went to dashboard and put my pic as the header. Then, I play with the colors that'll look good.

Also, I just have googled things that I enjoy (flowers, stars, clouds, diamonds). I find the pics I like online. copy image and paste it as my header.

This is what I like to do.

did I explain it okay? I stink at this explaining things.

Marsha said...

Great new look! Very smooth, clean lines. Nice.

Love the pix of the kiddos and the cute things they say.

Missy said...

I love twoyeareese!
Love that b & w pic. TOOO cute!