Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Calgon take me away!

5:10 p.m-  Miguel is screaming at the baby gate while I prepare his plate for dinner
5:13-  He is at the table.  crying through the prayer before eating. 
5:14-  We have said amen.  He is not happy with mommy's choice for dinner.  Ham.  I have to give him the ham before he can have the grapes or you know what he will eat first. 
5:14:15s- He has picked up his plate and thrown it on the floor.. still crying..well screaming too.
5:15- mommy reminds him that its not good to go to bed without eating.  
5:15:05s- Miguel picks up his sippy cup and throws it on the floor too.  This is a big shock.  He loves his milk. 
5:17- after 2 minutes he is still screaming. and refusing to eat what little ham is left on the table
5:24-I decide to just give him a bath instead.  He likes baths.
5:28- I put both boys in the bathtub.  I start to wash their hair and clean their faces..etc
5:29- Jorge laughs while peeing in the tub. 
5:30- I have to keep Miguel, who is crying, from trying to climb out of the tub.
5:30:10- I catch Jorge just has he has leaned down to take a big gulp of the bath water..with pee
5:31- I start to drain the bathtub, with pee water, and start to use fresh water to rinse soap out of their hair.
5:31:15s-  Miguel and Jorge commence in splashing, the pee water, and it is getting all over me. 
5:31:18s- I begin to pray.... outloud!
5:32- Jorge is out.  Miguel is on his way. Drying them off.  Lets see that was.. a 4 minute bath and I still managed to get soaked.  With pee water. 
5:37- The boys are fighting over the lotion.  
5:37:10s- I say forget the lotion.
5:37:12s- the boys start crying.. like they have lost a limb..or they are dying.
5:40- p.j's are on.  mom needs a stiff drink.  


-C said...

That is a rough 30 minutes. Yowsers. A couple thoughts take it or leave it (please!) ...
Urine is sterile. You could drink it if absolutely necessary for survival. With boys, I've learned that one or the other pees in the bath just about every time (most often I just don't know it) at least before they were pt'd. They would be taking showers if I'd tried to change the water every time I noticed.
An expert told a friend to look at what your kids eat in a week as opposed to a day or a meal. I like that and have often let Zach eat hardly anything for dinner because he chooses not to have dessert either. Our deal is you have to take bites x your age of everything offered if you want dessert AND the dessert size in in proportion to the dinner eaten. While Sam would never skip a meal, Zach can choose not to eat hardly anything at all and make it through the night w/o starving. Who would have thought? He is a bit anxious to have breakfast in the morning but as long as he doesn't wake at 5am asking for a snack, we're set.

Like I said, please take it or leave it, but sometimes others' words help me reconsider my plan of action ...

Now, go have that stiff drink. :)

Marsha said...

Wow, what a difference 24 hours makes! Yesterday, life was good, let's count the blessings, tonight is "Help! Get me out of here!". There's just days like that and you've dealt with it like a real trooper.
Things you did right:
~You didn't cauldle Miguel when he didn't get his way.
~You acted swiftly in removing him from the table.
~You did not submerge the screaming child under the pee water. (Did I just say that?)
~You know where to turn when you have the need to get away... how 'bout a mint julep honey chil'!

Missy said...

I may have said this before, but Lana once ate a baked Potato for 2 days. The same potato. Sometimes Mommy has to win.

Now, come to my house and I'll make you a nice stiff drink. (If I kept stiff drinks in my house that is!) Hows Hot Chocolate sound?

Dollar General said...

Oh the BLISS!!

Marsha said...

Just wandering, did you go down the drain in the Calgon bath? haha

Anonymous said...

Rachel just know that in 20 years you will not remember those 30 minutes but you will miss them all the same. I am speaking from experience. I miss my little ones being little.