Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Dreaming.....

Okay.. I already have my #1 dream job: wife and mother. But when asked the question: "if you could do any "job" and you had the time and the money to do it, what would it be?" without hesitation they are as follows, but not in any order of importance.

1. CIA agent/ Intel- okay that sounds cooky but its true. I would love, love, love to get a criminal justice degree and then join the CIA. Thus, why I love all movies CIA related (Bourne movies..all time fav's).

2. Counseling/Public speaker- I hope to one day do this when I can actually commit to the year long, once a week, committment at Briarwood for their lay counseling training. As far as speaking.. i know that one is going to take a while. I am in the process, five years so far, of writing my first book. Its "finished" but is needing revision as we speak. Not ready to send it off to get bauched, i mean edited.

2. Finally, I want to be a doula. Okay. .Since the first day that I helped my sister, five years ago with her first child, I have wanted to be a doula. I was with her through all three of her births. Mainly because her husband has a very hard time seeing her in pain and can't handle it. So from the first "real" contraction I am right there coaching her, until in her case.. the epidural kicks in. then she is in sleepy town. But I love it! I don't want to be a midwife.. streching the perinium, checking vitals, fetal heart rate.. I don't want to have that responsibility.. I want to be the coach. And I am fully aware that my season in life doesn't allow for me to spend 16-18 hours with a first time mom during her labor process... however, I can start sitting in on labors, as my schedule permits, with a doula that is the one "responsible" for the full schedule. I can also research getting certified. I am so excited about it. I have wanted to do this for some time. I get so excited thinking that I could actually do it. I called a woman tonight who is certified in the B'ham area and she was going to call me back. In fact, i think she did, but I was spending time with my hubby so I will have to call her back tomorrow. Anyway, I can't wait to ask her questions about this process.

Well I thought I would share with you my excitement. Im researching it and I am pumped. That's it. Im going to bed.


Marsha said...

I actually see an inner connection between all three of those choices, do you? As a dula, what are you doing...coaching, equipping, counseling, comforting, preparing. Each stage of labor has different needs so you have to know what to offer them when. As a counselor, public speaker, writer, you are doing exactly the same thing, but to a larger audience (with the exception of counseling, that's one on one. And that program sounds great, BTW.) CIA agent seeks out information that will hopefully bring about resolution to a problem. They know how to keep a confidence, and are prepared with multiple solutions to a situation.
I'm so glad I'm not the only person that decide what to be when they grow up! ;)

Kim said...

I'm sure I would've appreciated a Doula if I had not had three c-sections. Who knows? I like the CIA stuff, I especially like forensics stuff... on TV. Don't think I could handle it in real life. Couldn't be a nurse either.
BTW- you are a writer. You have a blog, right? Practice makes better.

Missy said...

That was a very fun blog. We should all blog about what we want to be when we grow up. I can definetly see you being all of those things as well!

I'm just going to be a buttcracker coreographer!