Sunday, October 7, 2007

Theraputic writing

I actually think that writing is theraputic for me. Whether or not anyone reads it is unimportant..although it is a nice gesture. I realize that i have been a bit of a recluse this past week, but with me being a social addict its been very unusual for me. I thrive on using 3000 minutes a month on my cell phone (we don't have a home phone) *me trying to justify how I can talk on average of 100 minutes a day! Anyhoo.. I have gotten so many well wishes via email, facebook, myspace and the blog (notice all my social outlets) but I have not had the desire to respond, until now. Every time I have read one it has truly encouraged me. Some of you just "dropping by" to tell me you are praying for me or thinking about our family, its such a treasure.. I just haven't had the umph to reply back.

I was telling Jorge (big Jorge) today that it took me by suprise when I started to cry in the church lobby (waiting for him to come out of the mens room) and like six pregnant women walked through the lobby. I was completely taken off guard. I have seen many a pregnant woman since last monday but for some reason it hit me different today. I truly thought that I had mourned and was past it, emotionally speaking. Guess not. But what has supprised me most is that I have not had much of a desire to be social. Even my sister and my mom, who I normally call once a day at least, i have only talked to about twice this week. That is just crazy to me.

Well I guess that about sums up what I have been thinking. it helps to write it out. I want to blog..but blogging about the mundane stuff just wasn't appealing to me.. so i was left with talking about my big elephant in the room. I am praying that the mundane will be back soon. Thank you to everyone who reads this and comments and those of you faithful readers who don't leave comments (you know who you are).

here are some pictures for your enjoyment!


Graced said...

What beautiful children!

I am praying for you as you walk this path!

Kim said...

Sweet pictures! I'm the same way about writing. And blogging has been the greatest outlet for me. I love it! I've actually said to my husband that it has been therapuetic for me.

Abbey said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Rachel. I have never gone through that, but have many friends who have and it is so difficult.
You do have such a beautiful family! Your boys are such blessings to you, I know!!