Wednesday, January 30, 2008


To NOT leave your Toddler alone for two seconds:

-If you think he is sitting on HIS potty, while you walk back to your room to change clothes: He is REALLY putting the entire roll of toilet paper in the big toilet.

-If you think he is watching quietly his cartoons while you put some laundry away: he is REALLY pulling his tricycle into the kitchen so that he can stand on the seat and reach the counter, thus taking a cup of water off the counter to drink it.

-If you think he and his brother are playing happily in their room: He is REALLY sitting on his 16 month old brother's back and has him pinned down to the floor. Of course you wouldn't be able to hear the younger one since he is working hard on just trying to breathe.

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Marsha said...

It's amazing to me that toddlers make it! Their guardian angels work overtime is all I can figure!