Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Feliz año nuevo!

I love the new year!  I like the feeling of getting to "start over again."   I don't make resolutions because I don't keep them.. I don't do well with keeping unrealistic goals throughout anytime of the year.   I am excited about 2008!  These are some things I hope to see happen this year!

1.  Finish potty training Jorge (successfully)
2.  My husbands' job situation change.. so far good news.. he is going to start doing the RNFA program and has been asked to be a "team leader" for Trauma/Burns.  So we will see what happens. 
3.  Have another baby.  
4.  Possibly get a dog.  Before the baby.  And more for the three men in my life.. not so much for me. 
5.  get more pedicures.  ha! wishful thinking 
6.  Go away on a little weekend retreat with my husband.
7.  publish my book 
8.  Go to the beach at least once. 

I think those are a good start.  We'll see what the Lord decides to do.  He is faithful!


Kim said...

Good luck! I didn't know I could resolve to get more pedicures. I definitely resolve to get at least four pedicures in the year 2008!

Missy said...

Good resolutions. The weekend with Hubby could result in the new baby. Then you kill two birds with one stone! ;)

Anonymous said...


You have too much to do already, especially if a new baby is on the list. They are messy and expensive.