Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pray for the Burgess Family

Sadly, Rick Burgess (from the Rick and Bubba Show) lost his youngest son in a tragic accident last night, Saturday the 19th. Their two year old son, Bronner, apparently fell into the swimming pool and drowned. Bronner's nickname on the show was "cornbread." You can visit the rick and bubba website by clicking here.

Guys, I feel like I know this child since I listen to this show all the time. I may not catch it in the morning but if Im in the car in the afternoon I always have the "replay" on. I guess I should say that I feel that I know Rick and Bubba. I have gotten on the show several times calling in. But I can not begin to fathom this loss. I guess why it hit me so hard this morning is for a couple of reasons..

I have a two year old. I can not imagine life without him. I can not imagine loosing him in such a tragic way.

Rick is in the spotlight. In fact, his career, how he makes his money is on making people laugh. I can not imagine the amount of time it will take for him to be back in a place of laughter.

I know they are local "celebrities" but this family is just like every other family you know. Please pray for them. Pray for Sherri, the mom of little Bronner. She has four other children. Oh how she needs strength right now. I can only imagine the prayer it will take for her to get out of the bed over the next few weeks, maybe months. I don't know the circumstances around their contract but will you pray with me that the people over their radio show would be "satisfied" with "best of" shows as long as it takes. That they would truly look out for the interests of this family in its need for healing and time.

Thanks guys.. I know you will pray.


Anonymous said...

Prayer Warriors around the Rick and Bubba Nation unite for this child and family...

Ole Miss Mom said...

They announced it at church this morning! I couldn't believe it! I feel like I know them too and my heart and prayers go out to him!

Missy said...

Our youth group was in Gatlinburg with Rick when this happend. He was one of the speakers.
Our Pastor has known Rick for a long time and he has spoken at our church.
I agree about the feeling like I know them. My heart goes out to them, but ecspecially his wife.
The comfort in all of this is the amount of people that I know will be in prayer for them. I also wonder about the show and wonder how hard it will be to return to a line of work where you have to be funny and make people laugh
My heart breaks too girl and I thank you for your thoughts.
We will all band together and pray and thank our wonderful Lord for our precious little ones!

Marsha said...

Missy shared this with me on Sunday. Oh how my heart breaks for this family! I just can't even fathom it.

And you're right, when will he be able to come to the point of laughter again? That's how he supports his family.

I will be praying for the God of all grace to cover them, to saturate them with His grace.

Marsha said...

TOTALLY off the subject here. I was just over at Michelle's blog and saw your comment about how to do the header with pictures. Kim left me directions on how to do it on my blog. Here's the link:
It really is very simple and a lot of fun to do. I've done several things and posted them this week. They don't initially show up real big (look at my blog post about Kenya and my grandchildren), but when you click on them you see the pictures real big.
Hope you are feeling better.