Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More pics.

Time to post a zillion pictures as an update for all the time NOT blogging.  Enjoy.. 

Eva is talking (cooing) to us cute. Just like a girl.

Our friends (and former neighbors Jennifer G. and her daughter Mary Margaret) came by for a visit. 

Jennifer.. don't take so long to come over the next time..otherwise Eva will be 2!  LOL.  I loved seeing you and I hope we can get together to hang out again. 

I decided to go to story time again. This time friends came with us.  Christina, Jennifer W. and Amanda (and all the subsequent chillin's).  I did take pictures this time.. ones you can actually see.  

Of course I had to document what my children do while at story time.. this was during the craft.  My three year old is on the floor under a chair. 
Alex, not doing the craft either, is messing with something he is not supposed to touch. 

And Im just wearing Eva.  And do I look tired or what?  Also could use some powder on my face.  
This was during one of the songs.. Jorge really likes that part. 
Amanda and Ian!  They look nothing alike!  LOL.  Riiiiight...
Alex sitting in Jorge's lap!  Not for long though. 
Jack holding his craft. 
Fritz happily coloring.  Obviously his favorite part of story time. 
Jen holding Eva while I attempted to get some shots of the boys. 
We all came back to my house after the library, ate lunch and then let the boys play outside, minus Jack (it was his naptime).  

Fritz was throwing leaves into the pool. 

the others were "swimming" in the pool. 
Jorge giving glory to God, obviously. 
climbing in a tree. 

Jorge helping Fritz climb the tree. 
Ta-da!!  His papa would be so proud. 

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Jaci Spain said...

I love Eva's jeans! Glad the story time went better this time around:)