Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in Colorado

Im having trouble with uploading the amount of pictures I have from our trip.  So I decided just to put up a couple of the highlights.  I hope you enjoy!  Christmas in Silverthorne (with visits to Keystone and Breckenridge).  Our first ever white Christmas.  

This was our cabin.  At one point there were at least 22 people.  It sleeps 24.  I'll explain later.  

Getting out on a pretty day.. although when the sun went was freezing.  

walking to the bus stop. 

Best seat in the house. 

Visiting Breckenridge on Christmas day.  Stunning. 

My new coat. 
Got milk?

Date night.. courtesy of my little sisters.. (with my old coat.. this was the night my hubby bought me my new coat.  Red coat was $6 from the thrift store).  

New coat was a steal too.. but not $6. 

 Rachel T., me and Ruth... oh and Eva.. 
All the girls.. Ruth, me, Esther, Rachel T., and Darcy (aka, mom). 

I have been non stop since we got  back.. we are battling sickness and i haven't been able to catch up yet.  but there are worse things happening in the world right now than the state of my house.  ha!  I look forward to telling you all about our trip and show more pictures.  



Anonymous said...

Wow what a Christmas Blessing. The photo's make want to move there, looks wonderful if you do not have to drive in it and if you have a wood stove. I have been checking and was really glad to see you were back and safe. Jim and Shelley and kids got in tonight and Shell is sick. Hopefully she will be up and running soon. Had to have doctor call in a perscription to Walmart in NC on their way down. Kids are fine. Love the photos thanks for sharing.

Missy said...

That just looks magical! What a great experience for you guys :)