Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and I thought this day would never come..

She put on her own SOCKS and SHOES.

She was quite happy with her work.

In fact, in the past few weeks I have required more "hands on " help from my kids.

-Jorge and Alex now put their own clothes away (after I fold them).
-Jorge unloads the dishwasher (minus the knives) and places all the dishes on the counter and I put them away (except, he puts away the silverware).
-they are bringing me their dirty clothes hamper (it's the little things) when its time to do laundry.
-they put their own dishes away after dinner and help clear the table.

I know im forgetting stuff.. but I am certainly enjoying having some independent, semi-self sufficient helpers around.

And here I thought this day would never come.

what are some of the "helper" things your kids do in your house??


Amy Q said...

We've been trying alot of the same. And Michelle makes her own bed and lately she has started making Isabelle's too (without me asking her to). Most days she does a really good job. In the beginning it was really hard for me not to go in and remake her bed for her. I did it ONE time and then when I saw the look of defeat on her face, I swore never to do that again.

Lindsay said...

Sounds blissful. I need to start some of this type of training w/ Eli. Thanks for the inspiration!

Greta said...

My kids "help" my job security.

Kidding, kidding. Sam usually dresses himself, with minor help and he can get his shoes on - don't think we've ever tried socks.

He can bri ng his plate to the sink too but I don't always do a good job reminding him to do it.

He will put dirty clothes in the hamper but he has to be reminded.

I need to work on all this stuff too!

~Amanda~ said...

My kids help around the house too. My two older ones have to fold and put away their clothes, put up dishes (except knives) and my boys have to empty the bathroom garbage cans. They have also been known to clean their bathroom sink and toilet b/c let's face it, kids bathrooms get gross! Teaching them early on helps them to learn responsibility and that we all are apart of the family and live in our house and therefore we all help out. :)