Friday, November 7, 2008

C'mon how busy can they be??

Apparently dermatologists are very busy people.  Apparently.  Sweet Baby girl Eva has a hemangioma on the side of her head.  I was not to concerned about it until I saw this video on Youtube.  Although, Eva's is not as aggresive, it has grown some since her birth, already, so we  decided to make an appointment with a specialist to get it diagnosed (to see if it is the kind that will get bigger quicker thus needing early intervention or the kind that will not get that big).  

I finally got the call from our pediatrician about who they would refer us to.  I will say they warned me that this dr. has a long waiting list for appointments.  Apparently so.  Our appointment is set for February 16th!!  Wow.  For those of you that aren't good at basic math... that's THREE MONTHS away... for a dermatologist.  I never knew they were in such demand.  I don't doubt their importance, mind you, bc we really need a good word from her on FEB. 16th... I guess Im just surprised that that many children have dermatological issues.  

Pray for cancelations I guess. 

And whats a post about our princess without seeing a recent picture of her??!!  



Graced said...

Please don't panic. M developed a hemangioma on his back at about one month. The doctor said they were pretty common and would fade with age. M's is now unnoticeable. We always told him it was where God touched him and marked him to make him special. Of course this did not work well when E was born with no special spots! M felt very sad for his brother. :)

Jodi said...

If it's Dr. Theos at Children's, I'm not surprised. She is crazy busy!