Thursday, June 9, 2011

Operation Organize: Phase 1

The mess in the living room.. Before:

$170 total:
$80- 2 cube shelves (9 cubes each) Target/on sale.
$20-big toy box w/liner (against the wall)
$22 for 4 cloth baskets (Target/on sale)
$48 for 4 wicker baskets (target).

All the toys from the old toy box fit (organized too) in the baskets on the shelves. The stacked bookshelf is unnecessary because the books are in a basket (the baby books) and the big kid books are on the shelf.

We still have the "shoe box" next to the toy box.. but i think i will put it in the laundry room when we get to that room.

I LOVE it. This is the look I've always wanted. Potterybarn-ish.. without the potterybarn price.
Next.. Kids' rooms/closets.


emily said...

I like it!! I was happy to hear about your desire to just figure out how to live with the space you have. It's quite a challenge but a wonderful payoff and a lesson in stewardship I think. And once you have a place for everything, I'm sure it will be easier to maintain. I didn't get a look at your bedrooms, but I love the big open front room that you have, and I love your school room. And of course, you've got a great yard to send the kids outside when the weather is nice!

allison said...

Hey! This is very exciting! Your fb post really caught my attention and have wondered if you'd be interested in me sending you what little advice I could pass on....but it doesnt seem I have too - it looks awesome and dramatically different! Anytime I have tried to seriously organize, it sadly entails spending a little money, and minimizing what we own regularly. Looks great!

Teresa said...

gotta love PB without the PB$ tag :) It looks great!!! :)

Rachel said...

Great job! And it matches your blog header - did you notice?

I just got something similar for my office for homeschool stuff - it's not all set up yet, but I'm loving it!