Monday, June 13, 2011

the SCREAM heard around the block..

So my nephew is here for the week to attend VBS with his cousins (if he doesn't get severe homesick"ness" before Friday).

Anyhoo, my older three, plus Levi (and my niece, Nataly) were all playing outside. I was mopping the floors. Then I hear my nephew say in a very sweet voice, "Aunt Rachel.. can you come here?"

I walked to the laundry room and he was holding a red bin (used in the school room, btw). I peek in, fully anticipating a small insect. Instead I see this:

And yes, I screamed. In shock. Horror, even. Of course, my kids laughed at my screaming.. but I only hoped it would instill fear into them until we could identify this freak of nature.

While they were happy to inspect the bug.. I was wishing I had a macro lens.. to allow me to be even further away from the monstrosity.

You see, growing up I had NO desire to even look at bugs.. so I had no clue as to what kind it was.. but I quickly sent a picture to mom, dad and my brother Paul. All three texting back that it looked like a "stag beetle."

To make matters worse.. she would not leave "it" alone. She kept wanting to "pet"it. Ewww.

I promptly called my sister and said she could come pick up her son (an hour away), who would be sitting on the porch.. with his new pet.

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