Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not my child.

You probably have the type of child(ren) that are very cooperative. 
Or are obedient with a "happy heart." 
Or, more specifically, happily sit whilst someone is reading a story. 
Or participate in songs without throwing themselves on the floor because they think its funny.

That's probably the type of child(ren) you have.  

Not my child(ren).  You may have guessed it, for those who follow my blog, today was "story time at the library" day.  We have done this two times before with some success.  However, today my children were less cooperative.  The best way to describe it is by using a phrase I grew up hearing: My children were "actin' a fool!"  Yes.. That is the only way to describe it.  Also, they acted like "they ain't got no home trainin'." 

Which is exactly my point.  It was ever so obvious today that, while my children can successfully sit through a two hour movie of their choosing, they will not sit for story time at the library.  This IS A PROBLEM.  I am full aware people.  Believe me.  Yes, we have sit time at our house.  We sit for Bible time every morning before we do anything else.  We SIT for breakfast, lunch and dinner until we are excused from the table.  We sit for stories at home.  Lots of them.  SO WHY do my children get into that room at the Library and "act a fool?"  
They go to school and follow directions (MDO twice a week).  I know, I know act worse for their moms, but still.  

My sons are wound tighter than a banjo but I apparently need to unwind on their hind quarters and do some home training on this issue.  

Humor in the madness:  At the moment I had had enough (during the middle of story #2) I told the boys, "that's it. We're done.  We are leaving."  I grabbed them up and started to walk out, as quietly as possible.  Two moms in the back were watching the whole ordeal and were giving me that grin of empathy (although their kids were two girls who were sitting ever so sweetly where they were supposed to) when Jorge said, "mommy, I not want to get a spanking."  He said it all the way to the car.  Hopefully, the 10 people we passed on the way to the car won't call DHR.  

And one last comment.  If you are the parent of compliant children: 
 Thank the good Lord Jesus for the gift that he has given you, for the moment.  

That's it.. I am done. 


care-in said...

Girl, you crack me up! I envy moms who have kids that will sit so nicely. I wouldn't say Elliya acts a fool (at least not in public) but she can't sit still to save her life.

I think our kid's behavior is always magnified in our eyes because we don't want them to bother other people.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I have to tell you I love to read your blog. I know I don't ever comment, but I don't comment on anyone's blog. Anyway, I've been meaning to tell you that I enjoy your blog because it gives me hope. Truthfully, every story you have ever shared about your boys I have one about mine in almost the same situation!! I have often wondered "what am I doing wrong?" But then I read your blog and I feel like I can raise my head again. :) I know your a wonderful Mom, so if your boys can act the way they do sometimes then there is hope for mine! Keep Blogging...Christie Jones