Friday, June 6, 2008

It's OVER!

Whew... sigh.. I really enjoyed it.. but Im glad it's over.. VSB 2008 has come to an end. What a week. Now if I can just get the boys back on their 7 a.m wake up time instead of 6 a.m. Here's to wishin'.

Im hoping to take the boys to the Zoo later this evening so that they can play in the water area. Depends on how long naps go. Im going to go lay down too so IF i wake up, we can go. ;-P

I need to find bedding for the boys big boy beds coming next month. I have looked everywhere (Pottery Barn, Walmart, Target, JCPenny, Kmart, IKEA, ebay) and can't find anything I like or in our price range. If you have any ideas that would be helpful. At this point I think I will just buy some regular twin sheets in a color that matches whatever Quilt/Comforter I can find. If you have ideas for a NON-character Quilt or Comforter I would greatly appreciate it. I like patterns/prints instead of puppies/trains..etc.

Sorry so picky. And I need two. Although Alex won't get his bed until he starts crawling out of the crib. Otherwise he's going to be "caged." ha!

Ahh.. sweet sleep here I come!

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Jaci Spain said...

We just got back from the zoo. Let me prewarn was SUPER HOT and PACKED OUT! It was filled with all kinds of camp kids. I would wait until as late as possible to go if at all:) Have fun!